I live in Texas so how did I end up in Hollywood?

I was riding around San Antonio yesterday and for a minute there I thought I had taken a trip to the Twilight Zone.  I stumbled across a neighborhood where all the street names are Hollywood connected.  Just to give you an idea, some of the streets I encountered were:
Danny Kaye
Dean Martin
Gomer Pyle
and my personal favorite Lon Chaney.

The reason Lon Chaney was my favorite?  It was appropriately ironic.  Lon Chaney is a dead end street.  If you ever watched Lon Chaney or Lon Chaney Jr movies, you get it.


I was wondering where all the street corner hustlers got off to

Remember when you would turn on the TV or watch a movie and the street corner hustler showed up? You know the guy I’m talking about.  It’s 80 degrees and he’s wearing a long trench coat in the heat.  You always knew what was coming.  He’d open his coat and pinned to the lining was a large selection of watches.

Those watches he was selling really cheap were always either stolen or cheap knock-offs of a Rolex.  Either way if You bought one it wasn’t what you thought you were getting.  An let’s not forget the ‘gold’ chains.  Yes the ones that turned your neck green.  As a matter of fact they would sell anything.

Well I’ve found them.  They all got internet access.  My e-mail, social networks etc., that’s where they are shoving links in people’s faces all day long.  The online equivalent of opening the trench coat and saying “Hey wanna buy a Rolex for $20?”  The sad part is that they wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t work.

So I finally broke down

In all the time I have been online I have resisted creating a personal blog.  I’ve preferred to just do my blogging on the various networks I’m on.  But now here I am with my own blog.

Don’t look for any sales pitches etc.  This blog is just for my thoughts on the strange, the weird the What???

Hopefully it will make you chuckle, or laugh or think.