Some people just beg to be scammed

Right now I’m wondering how people can be so stupid and willfully blind.  There’s a scam out there that seems to be causing mass hysteria.  A so called ‘payment processor’ called  It has all the classic earmarks of a money laundering scheme.

People getting free money just for signing up and no little amount either $50!  Then up to $20 every day they are active.  Add another $5 for every sucker that they can find to follow them into the mess.  One catch the money is not real.  They are giving you paybox dollars! Go try buying a happy meal with those paybox dollars and see what it will get you.

But wait there’s more! when you reach $1000 in your account you can withdraw these paybox dollars.  you can withdraw phony money with no value unless somehow there is cash to back them.   They are stressing that you never have to make a deposit so there’s no cash coming from that source.  That begs the question “Where is it coming from?”  So let’s just pop on over to their main ‘corporate’ site and see where it’s coming from.  Oops! there isn’t one! only endless affiliate sign up sites saying get $50 just for joining.

Well alrighty then, let’s head over to Who is and get the contact info there. NOT! They have who is Guard to prevent anyone from seeing their IP info.  So here’s this so called company claiming to be a payment processor, (I didn’t mention that there is an accredited and certified Payment processor called Paybox services that has an almost identical logo/name another huge red flag!) that want’s to give me all this free money and I don’t have to give them a dime?  They say I can have hundreds or even thousands of dollars in my account when they actually launch? How cool is that?

I don’t know? How cool is the crime of money laundering?  Here’s a company giving away all this free money, that cannot be traced and you cannot find a location or contact information on them.  Sounds fishy to me and to anyone with a functioning brain cell.  Unfortunately dollars signs seem to trump the brain cells in this case.  My brain tells me that things this fishy should be avoided at all costs, unless of course you like the idea of being locked in a cell with someone named Bubba.


2 responses to “Some people just beg to be scammed

    • What truly astounds me is that suddenly disappeared and over night something called Virtapay took it’s place. Same logo, same TOS with one small change they only promise to start you with a $25 sign up payment. And people are still pushing Virtapay.

      How much clearer does a scam have to be for people to see it for what it is?

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