The Grinch Lives!

I’m very busy right now channeling my inner Grinch.  It’s the holiday season I should be merry and all that right?  When Christmas stuff starts appearing on store shelves before Labor Day, whatever holiday spirit I have is used up by Thanksgiving.

To me all the marketing just shows how materialistic we have become.  I mean what is the meaning of the holiday?  To the Atheists sit down and be quiet for a moment, I’m pretty much tired of the constant contrived offense when someone says “Merry Christmas” to you.  The holiday is called Christmas, get over it.

Everyone needs to stop what they are doing for a moment and think about the meaning behind the holiday:
It ain’t about how many toys Santa can manage to get down your chimney.
It ain’t about “I don’t believe in God so the name Christ offends me.”
It ain’t about decorated trees with pretty wrapped presents under them.
It ain’t about how much food you can gorge yourself with.
It ain’t about how many lights you can fit on your house.

A miserly old man named Scrooge got it.
A bunch of Whos down in Whoville got it.
Even the Grinch got it.

Here we are rational intelligent thinking human beings and we refuse to get it.


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