Rant time! Make your daughter cover her *$$

Okay I’m going to speak to the parents here.  Make your daughters cover their rear ends!  It bad enough to see these girls in the mall with everything hanging out but in a church?  Where is the respect?

Unless your daughter works and buys her own clothes there’s no excuse for them walking around looking like Vegas hookers.  If you control the purse strings, you control the wardrobe…period.


Of course I passed the bar. It was a couple of blocks back, on the corner!

And the Legal Lunacy hits just keep on coming!

How’s this for a spot you don’t want to be in?  Get to court and find out that high priced lawyer you hired…isn’t. Well it’s happening!  This blog http://lawdiva.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/fake-lawyers-for-hire/ says it all.  What’s the world coming to when you have to ask your attorney to show you his law degree?