Sorry but I just don’t care

I know today millions of people were glued to their TV Sets and computer monitors watching the royal wedding.  More power to you if that was what you did, as for me I just don’t care.  People get married every day.  So what if two people got married.

“Oh but it is William and Kate” You say.  I was not on the guest list for the wedding and I won’t be receiving any invitations to ‘Candlelight suppers’ from them in the future.  I don’t have any friendship or connection to them so while I wish them well, I really don’t have any interest in their wedding.

Yes all those years ago I watched Wills Parents tie the knot-not by choice.  That way back in Prehistory when TV stations did something called pre-empting.  Whatever was supposed to be airing got yanked for ‘important’ news.  All of the TV stations pre-empted everything to show the wedding of Charles and Diana so if you turned on the television that day, you watched the wedding.

Luckily today I had a choice.  I could opt to watch another channel with no pre-empting or so to a site online. I wasn’t forced to watch something that I have no interest in.  Now had I received a gold-leaf invitation (Which must have gotten lost in the mail) I would have been interested in this wedding.  But I just can’t see the need to get caught up in the wedding of two people who don’t even know that I exist.  I wish them well and hope the marriage lasts (We all know how the Charles and Diana fairytale ended) but that’s as far as it goes.


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