Empire Avenue-I’m playing but I’m lost

{EAV_BLOG_VER:b6649862759b43fb}So I’m into a game online called Empire Avenue.  Basically you invest in other people and gain dividends etc by owning ‘stock’ in the person.  I have been at it about a week and wow my stock price has gone up about $10.  Don’t ask me how or why.  Let’s call it beginners luck.

Now here’s the thing, while people are buying me, I’m buying others and my wealth is growing.  Again don’t ask, save your breath.  Now here is my question Am I like the Lehman Bothers of the internet here?  I mean it’s interesting but really I’m no stock broker.  Maybe I should send a call out to Vin Diesel and get a few pointers.


2 responses to “Empire Avenue-I’m playing but I’m lost

  1. I am in it for the contacts and tips on resources and useful blogs. On some communities are good discussions but you have to look for them. As for the stock thing i follow some tips from persons that like the stock game element and are doing well them selves. I buy cheap newbies too when I think connecting can benefit me in some way. I look on their how much and what they are posting on others networks to decide.
    The big danger of AE is addiction to the game so I have restricted myself in the time i spend there

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