It’s about time we get our heads out of our rear ends about gun control

Every time I hear about another kid dying from gunshot wounds it pisses me off.  Most of these deaths could be avoided with a little education.  Yesterday it happened again, only this time it was the police who shot and killed a 15 year old who was pointing a gun at them.  After the fact it was discovered to be a pellet gun.

It’s about time we start teaching children proper respect for firearms and what they can do.  I inherited the family ‘starter’ gun very young around 4 or 5.  It was a daisy BB gun and I was taught how to shoot it and care for it.

But before my Grandad taught me any of that, he taught me that a gun was not a toy.  You only pull a gun and point it at someone if you had one intention in mind, killing them to defend yourself.   My Grandad was fond of setting up watermelons and blasting them with a real gun to show me what it could do.

He also taught me that when you point a gun at someone, know that they very well may point one back at you.  He also taught me that while that BB gun may not have been a ‘killing’ weapon, it didn’t matter.  All someone would see if I pointed it at them was a gun and that brings me to yesterday’s tragedy.  When this teen pointed that gun at police, all they saw was a gun aimed in their direction.

Maybe this kid was thinking it’s only a pellet gun and counting on the police realizing it also, but it would have been stupid on the part of the police to get close enough to find out.  If it had been real they would have been dead.  Gun control is not hiding guns from children, but educating them.  Maybe if this boy had been taught better he would still be alive.


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