SOPA? Dope it out to the end!

The word on everyone’s minds today is SOPA, Stop Online Piracy Act.  I don’t think most people understand the consequences of SOPA.  They are looking at the stated purpose and not seeing the long term consequences.

The stated purpose sounds good.  Stop the piracy of information on the net.  Think about who this really helps.  It doesn’t help you or me.  It’s not protecting us from anything.  I don’t even think those it is supposed to protect understand the consequences.

The way it is written, the government can blackout any site accused of posting copyrighted or protected material.  So let’s think this through.

Let’s say that you go to the movies and see a trailer for an awesome film.  You come home go online and find that trailer and then you post the link to that trailer on Facebook.  Did you go through the trouble of writing to the studio and asking for their permission to post the link?  Of course not, you just shared copyrighted material without permission.  The studio is hoping that you will do just that and create buzz for the film.  The more buzz the film generates before it opens, the more money the studio makes when that movie opens.

SOPA however, opens the way for anyone to report that link as an infringement of copyright.  Under SOPA the government can now blackout Facebook.  Not your profile but the site itself.

Now lets take it one step further, are you a blogger?  Have you ever posted a blog and linked to anohter site for information?  Kind of like I have done here linking to the text of the SOPA proposal.  Linking to any site is a potential infringement of copyright.  So goodbye to most of the blogs out there.

Now lets talk about blogs/news sites that offer opinion or bring things into the open.  All of these sites can be blacked out under SOPA.  The flow of information can be completely stopped except for ‘approved’ media outlets which is the most troubling aspect of SOPA in my opinion.

When you block the free flow of information, you control what information is available.  So let me show you how dangerous this is for those who do not grasp that fact.  Hitler’s Nazi Regime controlled ever aspect of the average German’s life by controlling the media.

A controlled media does not facilitate the flow of information, it guarantees that the only information that flows is state approved propaganda.

If you live in the US, you had better think seriously about the long-term implications of SOPA.  While it might start as ‘protecting’ copyright, it has the potential to end in a society based on thought control.


5 responses to “SOPA? Dope it out to the end!

  1. I was going to write about this exact topic this morning….but I didn’t – so I hope you don’t mind if I “press this” and add it to my blog.
    People must understand the implications of this. This is exactly how a supposedly free country ends up being a military state.
    I don’t know who is to blame, but obviously there are many people (most likely ones with a lot of power) who do not want us (the ones who just want to live in peace) to have freedoms. Why would they – they have the power so they can control and controlling means limiting freedom.
    Thank you for this post – and I love what you stand for – freedom and equality for all!

    • Please feel free to to add it. It’s all about money, the ones pushing this the hardest, the entertainment industry sees a few pennies being lost through piracy. I think they are more concerned with the threat to the tripe that they churn out. Remakes, sequels, adaptations of TV shows to movies; Hollywood has lost the ability to create. All they know is how to rehash and more people are realizing this and turning to the independents.

      Many artists now overlooked by major studios and production companies are finding an audience through social media. Singers, songwriters and independent film makers no longer need to depend on major record labels and huge movie studios to succeed. The more success the independents find, the less there is left for Hollywood stagnation.

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