Put your money where your mouth is or shut up!

Yes, I’m about to start some crap.  You see I am sick and tired of people ranting about abortion being murder.  I think they should either step up or shut up.

First let me make it perfectly clear, I don’t believe in abortion as birth control.  However I also understand that people make mistakes.  Some are minor and some are life altering.  Once can be a mistake, but multiple abortions is birth control.

I would never have an abortion or think about having an abortion but that is my view on the matter.  But I would still much rather abortion be available by those medically trained to do so rather than some back alley butcher with a wire clothes hanger.  I’d much rather see woman be able to have it done in a safe medical environment with emergency treatment at hand than to stumble home and die of internal hemorrhage or infection.  I would much rather a teenage girl not risk such damage to her reproductive system as to destroy her ability to have children in the future.

*Refer to this publication from the World Health Organization to see how unsafe abortion affects women around the world.*

But I still think the majority of anti-abortionists need to mind their own business.  You see my problem with the windbags is that most of them are exactly that, windbags.  They are full of hot air and nothing else.  If they are so concerned with the unborn, step up and take on the responsibility for the unborn.  You heard me right.

If you don’t want women having abortions then you adopt those unborn children, you pay the expenses, you raise it.   There are very few who will do that.  They have no idea what that woman has thought about in coming to the decision that she has.  The woman may already know she cannot provide for the child and makes her decision to get an abortion rather than bring a child into the world to starve.  She may have made that decision because she is not prepared to be a loving mother to that child and comes to the decision to abort rather than give birth to a child she already knows that she will neglect.

And the anti-abortionists simply march around waving their signs and do nothing but spew hot air.  So even though I may not agree with abortion,  I’m not going to run around protesting it.   The simple fact is, unless I’m willing to step up and take on the responsibility I want to force on someone else, it is none of my business.  Otherwise I’m all mouth willing to make a bad situation worse to get my way, instead of taking action to guarantee the situation improves.


7 responses to “Put your money where your mouth is or shut up!

  1. Two thumbs up for honesty!!!
    I never understand when others decide what should be OK for a person to do with themselves and what should not be considered OK. How are we to judge what is good for another person – if it does not have any affect on us?
    I love how you gave the option of taking care of the unborn child. That’s right! Instead of deciding what someone else should do – take care of the problem yourself – if you see it as a problem.
    These things drive me crazy. Everybody needs to start butting out and stop judging everybody else and worry about their own damn problems!!!
    Great post!

    • Exactly! I get so tired of sign wavers that are nothing more than talk.

      If firmly believe that these are words to live by, “If you won’t accept the responsibility yourself, don’t think that you have the right to push that responsibility onto someone else who may or may not be able to handle it.”

  2. Whether one is for or against abortion, one can not deny it is murder. Period!

    As to adopting, there are very few American newborns up for adoption. That is why couples are resorting to other countries to adopt.

    • The challenge is issued, would you stand by your convictions and take on the responsibility of raising on of the aborted? Or will you stand by condemning the mother who cannot afford to feed the child or who abuses a child she was not prepared to raise.

      Better yet are you willing to accept responsibility for all those women who would die or be permanently maimed by back alley butchers? Unsafe abortion deaths are in the tens of thousands yearly around the world, mostly in countries where abortions are not legal. Is that a better solution for you? Just kill the mothers who may have other children? Just kill the teenage girls who have made a mistake?

      And yes ONE can deny it is murder. A collection of undeveloped cells is not a person, it is tissue that has the potential to become a person.

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