Is this for real????


I know that politicians can be rather moronic at times (I mean the State of Florida has granted constitutional protection to pregnant pigs) but really tax breaks for having a mustache?   Can you say sexist?


Yes some women do have to worry about facial hair popping up but when it does most of us get rid of it.  So what is this ‘stache tax’ all about.  Isn’t taking care of your facial hair considered a part of your basic grooming?  If not I have a few other tax break suggestions for Representative Bartlett:

  • Deodorant tax break
  • Spa visit tax break
  • Beauty Parlor/Barber shop tax break
  • Depends tax break
  • and just for us ladies The Tampax Kotex tax break!


Yes very stupid list isn’t it.  Tax breaks for basic grooming and hygiene.  How about we stop offering silly tax breaks for everything and work on generating some taxes to offset the monstrosity that we call a National Debt!


Now that I’ve had a bit of time…

RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of my favorite shows and each season I have watched it religiously.  Each season I have to give it a few weeks before I can settle on my picks.  I have to get a feel for the ladies and who they are.  So I’m finally settled on who I want to see in the final three.

Latrice Royale

It’s about time a big girl do something more than just show up on the show as a  token to prove ‘we don’t discriminate against big girls’.  It’s time for one to show up as a true contender.  Latrice is funny, smart and she is a professional.  I was just as disgusted by the shenanigans on last night’s Snatch Game episode as Latrice was.  The entire bottom row with the exception of Chad Michaels were an embarrassment.   If you want to give the illusion of being female, act like ladies and not a bunch of vulgar jocks in the locker room.

Chad Michaels

Out of all the celebrity impersonations I have seen on Snatch Game, Chad’s Cher was the most realistic I have ever seen and I loved that we got more than one version of Cher!  I also have to applaud Chad for keeping his cool and staying in character while everyone else on the front row acted like toddlers at recess.  I know that a lot of people would say that Chad doing Cher was safe since he is a Cher impersonator, but there are a lot of impersonators out there that will never be able to so perfectly mimic someone like Chad did.  Not just the make up and the look but the mannerisms and body language.

Sharon Needles

Sharon is still scary but she stands out from the pack.  That is the very same thing that caught my attention with Raja, last season’s winner.  Raja stood out.  While everyone else was trying to do the pageant beautiful drag, Raja did his/her own thing and brought a new feel to the runway.  Sharon has that same quality.  She’s a bit dark in her drag but it is fresh and the next anything should always be fresh and bring something new to the table.  And I have to say impersonating someone who is about to judge you for your drag takes guts.  You did it successfully with Michelle Visage.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a search for America’s next Drag Superstar not America’s same old boring drag queen.  Latrice and Sharon would both qualify as fresh and new.  Sharon’s goth undercurrent or Latrice’s big bold and confident attitude would both be something new.

Now for two who cannot sashay away fast enough for me, Willam and PhiPhi.  PhiPhi is simply another boring pagent queen and Willam do you really think anyone bought your little academy award acting job last night?  I’ll be glad to see the last of both of you.

Andrea and Shane need to get their heads screwed on straight

Sometimes I wonder if I am seeing a special boadcast of TWD that is meant for me only.  Looking at some of the after show comments I can only think that these people are watching a different show than I am.  Last night really focused on two of the more despicable characters in the group of survivors, Shane and Andrea and the relationships they have with Rick and Lori respectively.

Shane and Rick

Shane is about as trustworthy as an addict left alone in a Pharmacy.  You can’t trust him any farther than you can throw him.  He is willing to throw anyone to the wolves to save his rear end and then use the excuse protecting (the group) to justify his actions.   He killed Otis to save his rear end and then used Carl as the excuse.  He’s willing to just kill Randall and uses the excuse of protecting the farm.  The only life that has any value to Shane is Shane’s.

However last night he got a little taste of his own medicine.  Trapped in a bus surrounded by walkers and watching his ‘best friend’ leave him there.  It was only temporary though.  Rick did come back for him but maybe Shane now knows what it feels like to be expendable.  Maybe now, knowing that Rick sees him for what he is will wake Shane up to reality but I doubt it.  Shane’s ego knows no bounds and following Rick’s lead doesn’t leave much room for Shane to go glory seeking.

Andrea and Lori

Andrea has the problem of thinking that being ‘one of the guys’ excuses her from being one of the group.  Yes Guard duty is important but it is not the only thing needed to survive and everyone needs to pitch in and get things done.  You can’t sit up on top of an RV with a gun in your hand all the time and think you are contributing anything.  Guarding camp is something that everyone does in addition to other needed chores.

Andrea needs to stop acting like being on guard duty is some big deal.  There is also work to be done and I don’t see Andrea doing any work.  Everyone is pitching in to get things done she needs to stop acting like ‘women’s work’ is beneath her, it takes all hands to get the work done.  Or if she just can’t bear to get her hands wet doing laundry, go feed some chickens or pull weeds in the garden.  It’s a farm there are more than enough chores to go around and they all need to be done.

Both Shane and Andrea need to realize what it takes for this group to survive.   Everyone has to work together.  Everyone has to value every life in that group and they have to understand the concept of compromise and of  maybe doing something you aren’t familiar with or would prefer not to do for the good of the group as a whole.

The only Oscar around my house is a weiner named Mayer!

It’s that time again, The Oscars are here!  That’s right, time for a bunch of self important Hollywood bigwigs to pat themselves on the back for the lackluster garbage that they usually churn out every year.  Think about it, how often does the Oscars actually reflect true success as measured at the box-office?

Case in point and what really turned me off about the Oscars was seeing Out of Africa pick up seven Academy Awards in 1985.  Out of Africa? Really?  $128,499,205 at the box office and a budget of $28 million.  And it was up against The Color Purple $142,000,000 box office with a budget of $15 million.  The saddest part is that I couldn’t find one person who had actually seen Out of Africa while almost everyone I knew had actually gone to the theater and seen The Color Purple!  Where did that $128 million in box office receipts come from exactly?

Occasionally someone in Hollywood messes up and gives awards to someone who makes movies that are successful with film goers (His name is usually James Cameron).  Do Titanic and Avatar ring a bell?  Both films were wildly successful with movie goers and the accolades were well deserved.

There’s also the fact that numerous great independent films get overlooked when it comes time to hand out the Oscars.  The Oscars are nothing more than a closed group doing a lot of ego stroking.  When the Oscars actually start reflecting real success with the public, then I’ll worry about them.

Until then I treat it like I treat Billboard rankings, nothing more than an attempt to manipulate and sell the public a bill of goods that has nothing to do with actual success, but in making Hollywood’s canned garbage look good.  I’ll just stick with the hot dog while watching The Walking Dead tonight, thanks.  At least that Oscar has proven success among the masses.

Deadliest Warrior Battle of the ‘undead’

Vampires vs Zombies

Okay I’m sorry but this is just too funny they take it so seriously. This is the full episode.  I just decided to rewatch this one before tuning in to the Walking Dead tonight.  I know who wins since I’ve seen it before, but no spoilers for those who may not have.  Who will be the deadliest in the end?

The shambling and starving dead

Fang-faced bloodsuckers










I am not a very big fan of The FDA whose only function seems to be generating huge profits for Big Pharma and Mass Tort lawyers. This particular drug contains one of the main ingredients of FenPhen and we all know how that fiasco turned out. Take the time to also visit this link to gain an understanding of how we are put at risk by the relationship between the FDA and Big Pharma

peaceful controversy

My brother sent me an interesting article about a drug called Qnexa that is about to come on the market.   The company that makes it, Vivus Inc, claims that Qnexa, which combines the appetite suppressant phentermine and anti-seizure drug topiramate, helped patients lose at least 10 percent of their weight after a year of treatment.

You can read the rest of the article here: U.S. Advisers Back Experimental Obesity Pill

So here is what I have to say about this…..

If you read the article, it is basically discussing the fact that this drug has already been rejected by the FDA two years ago, but a panel of outside experts called the “US health advisors” (whoever these people are and represent) recommend approving the drug despite the many potential side effects such as heart attacks and birth defects, because there are just too many obese people and something needs to…

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I admit it I have a soft spot for the ‘tragic’ hero

Some of you may remember a show on SciFi Channel a few years ago called Lexx.  I absolutely loved that show and had a real soft spot for the character of Kai played by Michael McManus.  Talk about broken, the poor guy was dead, and had spent 2000 years as a mindless slave of the Divine Order.  He was a weapon of Destruction a Divine Assassin who killed on the orders of His Divine Shadow until Kai regained his memory.  Once he got his memory back he regained his free will and instead became a ‘hero’.

Regaining his memory and free will did not make things right for him, he was still dead, he was still a Divine Assassin and he was an emotional  cripple.  He never hesitated to say “The dead do not feel.”  It had to be tough because he could recognize emotions in others and probably on some level had emotional responses himself but was just unable to deal with the emotions within himself.

Needlessly to say he was wildly popular with female fans, Michael is very easy on the eyes (even while wearing a beehive that would make the girls from the B-52s envious).  But what I found appealing  was always that ‘broken’ part of Kai.  The way Michael played the role just made you want to fix it.  He was a hero without ever trying to be the hero.

And now there’s another tragic ‘hero’ gracing my television screen each week, Daryl Dixon.  Daryl is quite alive (and hopefully he will stay that way for a long time).   But he is just as emotionally stunted as Kai but for different reasons.

Daryl could be a very easy character to hate.  A bad tempered redneck riding around on a Nazi motorcyle? What’s not to hate about someone like that? But you don’t hate him.  That’s a testament to the way the role is handled by Norman Reedus.  Even though you intellectually think you should hate Daryl, there’s this human quality that shows through even when Daryl is at his worst.


Both Kai and Daryl are in some way ‘broken’ but they don’t dwell on it.   They are both in their own way ‘heroes’ but more of the quiet type of hero.  They aren’t Superman out saving the world in the bright red cape, they are more like Batman hiding behind the mask.

So what is it about these characters that resonate with me?  I don’t know maybe they spark my maternal instinct, I can be very ‘mothering’ at times.  Maybe it’s just a ‘typical’ female instinct to nurture.  But whatever it is, these are two characters that have to power to get fans (female especially) to emotionally invest in them.