The Walking Dead Polls final results

I have run several polls on the Walking Dead over the past month leading up to the return of the Walking Dead’s new episodes on Sunday.  Now it’s time for the final update before the Walking Dead Weekend starts tomorrow.

In Daryl we trust

Talk about a landslide victory!  When asked which of the Walking Dead Guys you Wanted in your group during a zombie apocalypse, it was no contest.  Daryl blasted out of the gate leaving everyone in dust and burying them there.  When it comes to surviving, an overwhelming 73% of those answering wanted Daryl around.  He can kill zombies without drawing attention and keep you from starving.  He’s also pretty hard to kill.  He’s managed to impale himself on his own arrow and get shot by Andrea and it hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

It seems there is no ideal location.  The top answer for this poll was ‘Other’.  Other ran the gamut from some remote area in the south to a ship on the open ocean.  The idea of a military base however seemed to be the worst place to hide.  Guess that trip to Ft Benning is not the smartest move.

Andrea  gets a second chance

Andrea may be hard-headed and determined to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it, she may have horrible taste in men (Psycho Shane? Really); but it looks like she gets a second chance.   Maybe we hope she will learn self-control and putting the needs of the group ahead of her own ego.  After all if Rick, Shane and Glenn were all standing around in arm’s reach of a ‘walker’ and not shooting that walker, they obviously had a reason not to.  Andrea should have thought about that before she took the shot.

Just die already

Who should be the next character to become zombie chow or just a zombie period? Well lets start with who we want to keep around for a while.  We like Rick, Glenn, Maggie and Daryl; none of them received a single vote.  That’s good news in this poll, you want to be at the bottom!  But it’s pretty clear that we really are annoyed with  Andrea and Hershel who both managed to get 20% of the vote.  However there was no surprise in who won.  Shane Walsh has done so much dirt we can’t wait to see the last of him.  Putting the moves on your best friend’s wife and shooting someone in the leg to save your own rear end doesn’t gain you any friends.

Are you ready for the Walking Dead?  AMC is giving everyone a chance to catch up or just enjoy the show again from the beginning leading up the the premiere of the new episode Nebraska Sunday night at 8pm CST.  Starting tomorrow Saturday February 11th at 7pm CST (Season 1) and continuing on Sunday February 12th at 12:30pm CST (Season 2)

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