I knew it was just a matter of time, Say hello to the happy pill

The Happy pill.  Just pop it in your mouth and your cares will melt away.  Feel your best. Yada yada.

Yes as seen on TV a commercial for a pill that claims just that.  It’s called Well Tabs.  Some of the claims of Well Tabs:

  • calm and refresh your mind and body
  • help you feel physically & emotionally energized & stronger
  • promote an overall sense of well-being
  • promote a positive mood
  • help you feel your very best, both physically and emotionally

Funny most addicts take illegal drugs for these very same reasons.  The addict taking his or her drug of choice will ‘experience’ or all of those listed benefits, or at least that is what they think they are experiencing.  And we consider a drug addict weak and unable to cope with life, but the addict is addicted.  Their bodies do actually need the drug to function with some semblance of normality.  When they cannot maintain the level of drugs in their system they experience Withdrawal.

But here we have a company telling us to take these pills for the same purposes as an addict.  And there is that pesky fine print:

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

That should tell everyone something like only an idiot would take something that has not been evaluated by the FDA.  I mean you can’t even trust things that have been evaluated by them.

Granted the argument can be made that these pills only contain “Natural” ingredients and so you shouldn’t need FDA approval because they are safe.  Anyone who thinks natural equals safe is way past the point of idiot.  There are hundreds of toxic plants out there.   Poison Ivy is probably the best known for us.  I’m one of those lucky people that can touch it without breaking out but for most people just a touch causes a rash.

Or take Mushrooms.  Don’t we all love mushrooms?  But not all mushrooms are edible.  Some are hallucinogenic and others are highly toxic and eating them can be fatal, but no one can argue that they aren’t ‘natural’.  Then there are plants like hemlock and foxglove which have been used as murder weapons as well as medication since ancient times.

Now here is the $64,000 question:

Does this product with all the hype surrounding it really work?  They present a clinical study on their website claiming this proves that one of the ingredients lowers stress.  I would put more faith in an independent study since three of the five doctors involved had a conflict of interest.  Two were employed by the company producing the product and the third was a paid advisor to the company.  And the company paid for the study.  Pretty clear that there was a vested interest all around in how this study turned out.

And I am back to does it work.   Do these pills do anything other than lighten your wallet.  How much of the wonderful effect is the pill and how much is the placebo effect?  You are told the pill will make you happy so you react by being happy.

Whether it works or not is really not the issue.  The issue is the trend toward us becoming a chemically dependent society, a society of addicts who cannot get through the day without our daily fix, just like any other addict.  Reminds me of an old movie by George Lucas called THX-1138.  A population conditioned to take their happy pills everyday so the ‘powers that be’ could control them.


8 responses to “I knew it was just a matter of time, Say hello to the happy pill

  1. Bottom line….yes, they are another bull..oney money making scam and…yes, they are probably not even good for you…..and yes, it doesn’t even make sense that a pill that can make you “happy” and “well balanced” should be allowed to be sold legally if that is what all street drugs claim to do – and all street drugs are illegal.
    And some of them are also natural…
    PMT…”positive mood “technology””….they even try to convince us that these dumb bull…oney pills is a “technological” breakthrough.
    Come on now…when is this stuff going to be punishable by jail time?

    • I hate to say it but in my opinion most street drugs are illegal because the government isn’t getting any of the action. You have pharmaceutical companies pushing drugs for everything and people taking them for everything.

      Better society through chemical dependence as long as good old Uncle Sam gets his cut

      • The difference is the fact that street drugs are “dangerous” and pharmaceuticals are necessary – according to the government.
        I think that various street drugs were introduced into society by the government only so that they could get large percentages of the population hooked on drugs and then introduce “acceptable” drugs – pharmaceuticals – instead.
        Government comes out clean, heroic and rich.
        Hopefully most of us are on to the scam by now.

      • It would be nice if people did see it but they won’t. People are all too willing to believe in better living through drugs, whether they get them from the corner pusher or the corner pharmacy.

  2. Just a question…Should people who sell Chamomile tea and Valerian Root tea and supplements for St. John’s Wort be punished with jail time, too? Where do you draw the line? My understanding is that most street drugs cause major negative consequences in the lives of those who take them. One must only look at Whitney Houston to see that ANY drugs taken irresponsibly or without following directions can have negative consequences. Seems to me that personal responsibility and accountability play a part here.

    As far as I know there is no government mandate to make yourself be happy by using drugs or by any other means. People use drugs because they are in pain, be it emotional or physical and they crave relief. Using drugs of any kind is a choice last time I checked. The search for ways to deal with pain and disease goes back to ancient times. It will be going on long after you and I are gone. Nobody is holding a gun to anyone’s head making them buy this ‘happy pill’. I won’t be buying it. But if a consenting adult feels compelled to give it a try…why should that bother me or be any of my business? The constitution itself gives us the right to pursue happiness, doesn’t it? I don’t have a problem with someone making money from a product they sell. You say it may not be safe? It very well may not be. I guess that’s why they put the warning on the label. A lot of things aren’t safe but we do it anyway because it’s fun or it feels good. Life is often about risk vs reward.

    Because of pharmaceutical companies I have access to a medication that keeps my heart rate from jumping all over the place. I also have access to medication that relieves indigestion that has been plaguing members of my family for generations. I know the system is not perfect but I feel appreciative nonetheless for having the option to seek out a cure for what ails me.

    A happy pill? I’d put that in the can’t hurt, might help category. May not be for you. Whatever makes you happy. :0)

    Just my humble opinion.

    • My problem with this is that it is not for treating a medical condition. It is not for easing pain it’s an escape route from reality. Just like the street drugs we condemn. Street drugs allow the user to mask the symptom without facing the cause and this happy pill is no different.

      How much more of the population has to become chemically dependent before we face reality? We are turning into a world of addicts, the only difference is in the drug of choice.

    • I have no idea but people today do seem to think walking around in a euphoric fog is supposed to be normal. The funny thing is they will walk around in their prescribed drug or ‘natural supplement’ fog and point fingers at the opium addict when they are doing basically the same thing!

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