Time to finally wake up and smell the coffee

The Walking Dead came back in a big waywith the new episode Nebraska.  People are finally starting to ‘get real’.  Well Shane has been ‘real’ for a while now, it’s probably why I can’t stand him.  I’ve seen and dealt with people like him before in emergency situations.  If you have lived through the aftermath of a natural disaster you’ve had to deal with the fact that adversity brings out the best and worst in people.  And we are finally really seeing this with TWD.  There are certain types of personalities that emerge and they are being realistically portrayed.

In it for themselves-Shane

Take a good look at Shane.  When he does something it may help someone else but the ulterior motive is to focus attention on himself.  It’s always about them.  Shane Comforts Carol over Sophia’s death but the conversation still focuses on Shane, and how people don’t like him and how Shane is treated unfairly.

Almost completely useless-Glenn

Glenn may be good at scavenging and organizing funerals, he proved he wasn’t much good at anything else including keeping secrets.  He’s slow on the uptake too.  When he, Rick and Hershel encounter a couple of strangers in the bar both Rick and Hershel quickly realize something isn’t right and stop giving these guys information.  Glenn just keeps flapping his gums.

Almost completely helpless-Lori

Lori can’t seem to do anything for herself and after seeing her driving skills I understand why.  Daryl finally tells her what someone should have told her long ago “Do it yourself.”  And when she does attempt to do it herself she manages to roll the car she is driving.



The Workhorse-Daryl

Daryl steps up and does things without being asked, he’s the one that takes on the workload.  He will look around and see where he’s needed and just do it.  He’s not looking for glory, this is the person who often gets taken for granted.  He’s also the person who will have a blow up when he gets tired of being taken for granted.   Since he is so helpful to others, others often don’t realize that he is suffering too.  Daryl invested a lot in looking for Sophia, maybe because he was not able to find Merle and was looking for a little redemption.  When Sophia was discovered in the barn that shattered Daryl’s hope but did anyone realize that?  No of course not.  What did Lori do? Ask him to go look for Rick.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Okay I can finally admit we have a problem-Hershel

Some people keep their heads in the sand.  They can’t or won’t admit there is a problem until you smash it in their face.  They have to be forced to see it and often that can have devastating consequences for them.  Hershel’s coping method was denial and the massacre at the barn destroyed his method of coping so he turned to another one, the nearest bar.




I’m out of options-Rick

Rick has tried his best to continue playing by the rules but there comes a point when you realize that the rules no longer apply and you have to adapt to the situation.  Courtesies that you have taken for granted all of your life are gone.  Rick finally realizes this when he encounters the two in the bar.  He makes the choice to protect the farm by killing two men he sees as a threat to the safety of the group.

The Human Predator-Dave and Slim Tony

Whenever there is a breakdown of order you will have the predators who will prey on others.The Accepted courtesies or maybe possible punishments will keep these types in line until they think they can get away with it.  Then they will look to not work themselves, but to take advantage of the work of others.  It was obvious that they were fishing for information and there was a very clear undertone of menace coming from them.  Rick quickly realized this and refused to give them anymore information although Glenn continued to tell it all.  In the end with these types you have to protect yourself.


All in all Nebraska brought a bit of reality that has been missing.  When under stress people react.  With the survivors it has been mostly bringing out the best in them.  I say mostly because Shane is straddling the fence, it won’t take much for him to cross the line into human predator and with Andrea’s current fascination with him, she could easily follow.  But the survivors are under stress and no one is perfect; there will be blow ups, there will be conflicts and there will be times when the reaction is totally negative


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