I’m not your idea of a christian-so what?

Once again I’m marveling to myself at the accusation that I am not a Christian.  I suppose I would have have been tortured to death for being a heretic during The Inquisition, because I do not believe in any particular Christian sect’s dogma.  It doesn’t matter what sect we are talking about because  somewhere along the line my beliefs conflict with the accepted dogma, because I don’t believe that being a leader of a church gives someone an automatic place on God’s speed dial.

Access to God is not restricted, but open to all whether they be a part of your church or not.

I look around me at the religious leaders who claim to be men of God, but when you get down to it it is not God they present to the world but their ‘ministry’.   How many churches today have massive cathedrals as a tribute to God while people are going hungry?  How many of these same churches make listening to their dogma a condition of receiving the help that Christ taught us that we are supposed to give freely?

Love thy neighbor as your love yourself

Christ did not teach us to love our neighbor as long as they agree with us.  He did not say love your neighbor as long as they are Christian, he said love your neighbor period.  The church has always taken this teaching with a grain of salt.  There were the Crusades, The Inquistion, the Witch Trials; all of these atrocities of hate were carried out by the church in the name of God.  None of them were a demonstration of love.  And today you have ‘Christians’ continuing the hate in the name of God, just look at all the hate spewed toward the LGBT community.  Sorry but  you were told.

Judge not lest judgement falls on you

Let’s be real here, I really don’t care how many Christians tell me I’m going to hell.and neither should anyone else.  It’s not their call.  When the time comes these same Christians that are so busy telling you that you are going to hell will be standing right next to you waiting to be judged themselves by the one who has the authority to judge.  Their arrogance and holier than thou attitude means nothing when you get right down to it.

Let your actions be your testament

I don’t need to shout from the rooftops to convince anyone that I am a Christian nor do I need to beat people over the head with that fact.  Actions speak much louder than words, if you are living a life that brings you closer to God, you don’t need to constantly proclaim it like a braying ass.   You don’t need to be all the time out there waving a banner to call attention to yourself, it will show without you saying a word.


I gave up on religion a long time ago due to the hypocrisy.  I am not religious and don’t want to be.  I don’t even call myself Christian anymore because the label means nothing.  The thing that matters is my actions.   How I lived, and if I lived in a manner that follows the teachings Christ left for us.

I see that as a requirement for me to personally know to the best of my understanding what is expected of me by God, not what is expected of me by any religious sect.  I guess that makes me a happy heretic and proud of it.



11 responses to “I’m not your idea of a christian-so what?

  1. I also have difficulty understanding where the love that Christ taught is in many so-called self-professed Christians. I have received judgment and condemnation for speaking about the love that Christ said is the new commandment of the new covenant. It is so simple, yet theologians and so-called men of God remove the love and replace it with legalism, moralism and dogma. Love God, and love each other, as well as yourself, as Christ loves us. Simple, natural and powerful. Thank God!!!

  2. I don’t “like” this I love this. I just got finished posting two posts about being judgmental.
    Religion, just like everything else, is a way to say “I am better than you”….and religion is much worse because the ones that use religion as a platform for competition – really need to reevaluate how “religious” they really are.
    I also get told (quite often) that I am a heretic…..meanwhile, I strictly believe in God – nothing else…not money, not humans and not rabbis and preachers….God.
    Reblogging this because it matches my theme today!

  3. Reblogged this on peaceful controversy and commented:
    This post is just another perspective of how it feels to be on the other side of the hypocrisy that religion very frequently has to offer.
    Judging others is not a “religious” thing to do…..so if you truly fear God, you will be very careful before deciding what God’s creations are supposed to do – on behalf of God.

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