Camp Rick vs Camp Shane

Yesterday I mentioned the fact that AMC has a real opportunity with the walking dead to play up the tensions between the surviviors.  There is a definite split in leadership going on.  There is very clearly two camps on the farm, Camp Rick and Camp Shane.  This could be built into a mini-war among the survivors and I thought about how the division might play out.

Camp Rick

Let’s face it, Rick  has a leg up here.  Lori and Carl are automatically going to be in his camp because they are his family and Lori has made it plain that she will support her husband even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with him.  She also realizes that Shane is dangerous.  Dale is also clearly in Rick’s camp he realized the danger Shane posed before anyone else did.  Hershel may own the farm but Rick’s diplomatic handling of Hershel will put Hershel and all of his people in Rick’s camp.   Glenn is also in Rick’s camp we see a lot more of Glenn interacting with Rick than Shane.

Camp Shane 

Shane is manipulative yes.  He spends a lot of time trying to convince people that he is the best thing since the invention of the wheel but he is also reckless and confrontational.  But he has his supporters Like Andrea.  Shane is Andrea’s Svengali, he can do no wrong in her eyes.   Andrea’s thought processes are very much like Shane’s, she’s not as reckless as he is but she also believes in using a gun to handle every crisis. T-Dog is also in Shane’s camp.  T-Dog believes that Shane’s actions at the barn were the right one.

The Dark Horse-Daryl 

Yes Daryl is the dark horse here.   If he gets his head out of his rear end he could be the spoiler in the fight.  Carol is firmly in his corner and he has no problems with pulling the trigger but unlike Shane he won’t be aiming at your leg when he does.  He’s also much more intelligent than Shane.  He doesn’t go looking for confrontation, but back him in a corner and you will get it.  He puts the needs of the group first.  Daryl will assess a situation before pulling the trigger and if it is not a threat, he leaves it be.  Remember the walker hanging in the tree?  Daryl could also pull T-Dog from Shane’s camp since it was Daryl that saved T-Dog’s life and Daryl who gave T-Dog the antibiotics.  The key is that Daryl can work with Rick without the constant confrontation, Daryl can’t work with Shane in this way.  Sooner or later one of them would be dead and as much as I hate to say it, it would probably be Daryl.  Not because Shane is better than Daryl but because Shane has proven he will shoot someone without warning if it benefits him.



4 responses to “Camp Rick vs Camp Shane

  1. For me it’s all about Darryl. He’s shown he can be compassionate but he doesn’t have that “save the whole world” mentality Rick does. I imagine when Lori goes into labor Rick will be off trying to rescue a Hell’s Angel trapped in Savannah. Besides Daryl seems to be the only one who knows how to hunt and eventually the supermarket shelves will be bare even in the remotest of areas.

    • So true and Daryl is pretty self-sufficient. Notice how he restocked his arrow supply? Daryl just has the ability to think beyond two seconds from now unlike Shane and his focus is on the needs of the group not every Tom, Dick and Harry he might stumble across.

      Daryl is honestly the only one of the survivors intelligent enough to survive. Rick would get killed trying to save someone he doesn’t now simply because they aren’t a Zombie and would get killed because he doesn’t think beyond I’m shooting whatever is in front of me. Daryl tends to evaluate the situation and act accordingly. I liked the the way that was shown with the walker hanging in the tree. “He ain’t hurtin nobody.” Killing it was as he put it, ‘a waste of an arrow’.

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