Andrea and Shane need to get their heads screwed on straight

Sometimes I wonder if I am seeing a special boadcast of TWD that is meant for me only.  Looking at some of the after show comments I can only think that these people are watching a different show than I am.  Last night really focused on two of the more despicable characters in the group of survivors, Shane and Andrea and the relationships they have with Rick and Lori respectively.

Shane and Rick

Shane is about as trustworthy as an addict left alone in a Pharmacy.  You can’t trust him any farther than you can throw him.  He is willing to throw anyone to the wolves to save his rear end and then use the excuse protecting (the group) to justify his actions.   He killed Otis to save his rear end and then used Carl as the excuse.  He’s willing to just kill Randall and uses the excuse of protecting the farm.  The only life that has any value to Shane is Shane’s.

However last night he got a little taste of his own medicine.  Trapped in a bus surrounded by walkers and watching his ‘best friend’ leave him there.  It was only temporary though.  Rick did come back for him but maybe Shane now knows what it feels like to be expendable.  Maybe now, knowing that Rick sees him for what he is will wake Shane up to reality but I doubt it.  Shane’s ego knows no bounds and following Rick’s lead doesn’t leave much room for Shane to go glory seeking.

Andrea and Lori

Andrea has the problem of thinking that being ‘one of the guys’ excuses her from being one of the group.  Yes Guard duty is important but it is not the only thing needed to survive and everyone needs to pitch in and get things done.  You can’t sit up on top of an RV with a gun in your hand all the time and think you are contributing anything.  Guarding camp is something that everyone does in addition to other needed chores.

Andrea needs to stop acting like being on guard duty is some big deal.  There is also work to be done and I don’t see Andrea doing any work.  Everyone is pitching in to get things done she needs to stop acting like ‘women’s work’ is beneath her, it takes all hands to get the work done.  Or if she just can’t bear to get her hands wet doing laundry, go feed some chickens or pull weeds in the garden.  It’s a farm there are more than enough chores to go around and they all need to be done.

Both Shane and Andrea need to realize what it takes for this group to survive.   Everyone has to work together.  Everyone has to value every life in that group and they have to understand the concept of compromise and of  maybe doing something you aren’t familiar with or would prefer not to do for the good of the group as a whole.


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