Now that I’ve had a bit of time…

RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of my favorite shows and each season I have watched it religiously.  Each season I have to give it a few weeks before I can settle on my picks.  I have to get a feel for the ladies and who they are.  So I’m finally settled on who I want to see in the final three.

Latrice Royale

It’s about time a big girl do something more than just show up on the show as a  token to prove ‘we don’t discriminate against big girls’.  It’s time for one to show up as a true contender.  Latrice is funny, smart and she is a professional.  I was just as disgusted by the shenanigans on last night’s Snatch Game episode as Latrice was.  The entire bottom row with the exception of Chad Michaels were an embarrassment.   If you want to give the illusion of being female, act like ladies and not a bunch of vulgar jocks in the locker room.

Chad Michaels

Out of all the celebrity impersonations I have seen on Snatch Game, Chad’s Cher was the most realistic I have ever seen and I loved that we got more than one version of Cher!  I also have to applaud Chad for keeping his cool and staying in character while everyone else on the front row acted like toddlers at recess.  I know that a lot of people would say that Chad doing Cher was safe since he is a Cher impersonator, but there are a lot of impersonators out there that will never be able to so perfectly mimic someone like Chad did.  Not just the make up and the look but the mannerisms and body language.

Sharon Needles

Sharon is still scary but she stands out from the pack.  That is the very same thing that caught my attention with Raja, last season’s winner.  Raja stood out.  While everyone else was trying to do the pageant beautiful drag, Raja did his/her own thing and brought a new feel to the runway.  Sharon has that same quality.  She’s a bit dark in her drag but it is fresh and the next anything should always be fresh and bring something new to the table.  And I have to say impersonating someone who is about to judge you for your drag takes guts.  You did it successfully with Michelle Visage.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a search for America’s next Drag Superstar not America’s same old boring drag queen.  Latrice and Sharon would both qualify as fresh and new.  Sharon’s goth undercurrent or Latrice’s big bold and confident attitude would both be something new.

Now for two who cannot sashay away fast enough for me, Willam and PhiPhi.  PhiPhi is simply another boring pagent queen and Willam do you really think anyone bought your little academy award acting job last night?  I’ll be glad to see the last of both of you.


12 responses to “Now that I’ve had a bit of time…

  1. I have spent many years in gay clubs and seen many years of drag shows and I always love the big girls! Skinny girls are a dime a dozen. Pretty? Yes. But often times they rely on body for personality and talent. I’ll take a big ol glamor girl, painted for filth, who can move any day!
    I do like the name Sharon Needles though. Maybe the best drag name I’ve heard in years!

    • I love Latrice because she has the personality to go along with the drag and her back story is an example of pulling yourself out of the gutter.

      Sharon Needles is just like a car wreck on the side of the road. You know it’s gory but you still have to look. You know Sharon is scary but she just commands your attention.

  2. I agree 100 percent with you. Those are three I like too. I would love for Sharon or Latrice to win. Sharon is new, bold, and interesting, and Latrice is just my kind of girl! All 3 are very talented! I also agree that it is time PhiPhi leaves. She bores me to tears.

    • PhiPhi is just another beauty queen that has nothing going for her except looks, Kind of like Carmen, Tatiana,Rebecca Glasscock etc. We have seen it time and time again. At leasat
      Willam tries to be manipulative even if he isn’t very good at it..

  3. Say what you will about willam, she is the most professionally accomplished and has the most impressive resume out of all the contestants. She is the closest thing to a star out of all the contestants since the inception of the show. I was kind of surprised she did drag race.

    • She may have been on this that and the other and frankly I am tired of her constantly talking about appearing on this that an the other. Appearing on and guest starring in are two very different things. A star doesn’t need to constantly tell people what they have been in people would know. Frankly Willam is a blowhard.

      Raja was on America’s Next Top Model but you didn’t hear him constantly reminding people, she didn’t need to. Raja’s talent spoke for her. The closest you got to the bragging was Raja choosing to impersonate Tyra Banks on Snatch Game.

      • willam has way too much 5-o-clock shadow for my taste and I couldn’t agree more about the constant “I was on…”. Enough already. None of that will matter when she loses. (If she wins I always liked her of course! 😀 )

  4. I totally agree. Latrice is really showing up and making we mark on the competition. She has grace, poise, and attitude. If she doesn’t win she will definitely be the fan favorite. Chad is one of he most seasoned queens on the block and his Cher slayed the competition. Sharon Needles is by far my favorite of any season however. She can show versatility that has yet to be seen from the other queens on season 4. She IS a bit darker than most, but she delivers not only on the challenges but on the runway as well every time. She has personality and she can rock the hell out of a glitter Elvis wig. Willam and Phi Phi on the other hand are a bit questionable though. Phi Phi thinks too highly of herself. She is a gorgeous queen and she can beat her face for sure, but her drag has been seen many times before. She has a good personality sometimes when it comes to acting but it’s not always consistent. She just is too angry sometimes and that can turn a lot of people off. Willam is definitely hilarious, she has amazing fashions and cute shoes and delivers on SOME CHALLENGES, but i don’t see her in the top and there’s that 5 o’clock shadow… Other than that that would be a perfect choice for the top 3

    • It’s Willam’s attitude that irks me. The constant name dropping had gotten old in the very first episode and her alligator tears last night were the last straw.

      I agree with Sharon, She got them imported from China.

  5. I cant agree with you more about phi phi!!!! but are you sure about willam. I do think that hes funny and for me hes been Real for the most part with all the others, and he himself dosnt like phi phi. not saying you sould like him its your opinion but i think willam is pretty cool.

    • Willam is an actor and that little boohoo performance Monday night was an act. The Judges say they never see any vulnerability from her and right on cue she turns on the waterworks. It couldn’t have been more obvious if she was carrying a sign, and the judges pegged it. You could see it in their faces.

      Willam is far from a superstar, she is working very hard to convince everyone of how much of a Hollywood star she is when truth be told she’s probably not even on the F-List. If she had any level of recognition under her belt she wouldn’t need to constantly remind everyone. If she was that good, Loretta would have recognized her from working with her.

      I just have a very well tuned BS-meter and Willam is full of it. Willam is one of those struggling actors that appears on a show and is lucky to even get a mention in the closing credits.

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