Goodbye to a piece of my childhood

Losing Whitney Houston last month was a shock, but yesterday a piece of my childhood died.  Davy Jones of the Monkees passed away suddenly in Florida.  The Monkees were a big part of my childhood.  For a lot of women my age, Davy was their first ‘official’ crush.  I was just a fan of the Monkees, I liked the zaniness of the show.  And also enjoyed a lot of the music.

I also have to give Davy and the guys credit, without the Monkees there never would have been the BackStreet Boys, N Sync etc.  The Monkees were the prototype of the boy bands who had so much success in later years, and Davy was the quintessential ‘cute one’.  According to an article by Fox News Davy Jones holds the #2 spot (behind Shaun Cassidy) on the List of the 10 Biggest Teen Idols in History.

For me the Monkees were a part of my childhood and hearing that one of them is dead is like having a little piece of my childhood die with him.

Rest in Peace Davy,  And thank you for all the wonderful childhood memories.



5 responses to “Goodbye to a piece of my childhood

  1. to davy, my english hanuman


    when you were a simple monkey
    asked to deliver a single bud,
    you brought a field of asian amber flush.
    your unbridled devotion
    thrust you to monkey god.

    now, you divinely intervene
    and bring me messages of him.

    i find him in a soup kitchen
    baking apple bread in a
    t-shirt depicting two quarreling
    monkeys captioned,
    “double talk.”

    he loves me and focuses on
    monkees rerun marathons
    late into the night preserving
    our chaste, intimate love.
    tonight’s virgin viewing is
    in your honor
    and cinematic eulogy,

    humming your swanee river,
    i shiver with relief that
    my heart no longer attacks.

    thank you,
    for the anthem bouquets
    of my youth.

  2. There are a few celebrities that pass away and I actually feel a loss….Davy Jones was actually one of those celebrities.
    He did have a place in my childhood. I loved the Monkees and I had a huge crush on Davy Jones…
    Even today when I hear Cheer Up Sleepy Jean, I can’t help smiling.

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