After the Apocalypse, you need these BAMFs

An apocalypse can be caused by a variety of events.  Everything from an asteroid hitting the Earth to war to plague.  The one constant in  an apocalypse is that human civilization goes out the window, but we would all still need food shelter and protection.  Survival is going to come down to brains and brawn.  So here’s my list of BAMFs I’d like to have around.


They don’t come much better prepared for survival than Mac.  Just give him a roll of duct tape and a few odds and ends and he can rig a booby trap in no time flat.  Not to mention all that arcane knowledge of science would come in very handy in providing clean drinking water and you will die of thirst before starvation.  However Mac is not really a fighter; if forced he’ll throw a punch but he really, really would rather not.  He’d much rather catch someone in a snare while he escapes to safety.  The thing is he is usually able to avoid most fights which could work out in your favor, since he would be more apt to convince you to pick your fights and fight only when really necessary.

Indiana Jones(Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Mac can rig a trap but Indy knows how to avoid them.  Indiana’s knowledge of the Ancient world would come in very handy too.  No more modern technology, but Indy understands ancient technology.  I just wouldn’t ask him to kill any snakes you might encounter.  Indy can also handle himself in a fight.  Indy won’t expend a lot of energy fighting either.  Go ahead and show off how skilled you are with a sword, Indy will just pull out his gun and shoot you.  Funny thing is that age doesn’t slow Indy down one bit.  Maybe he’s not quite as physical as he was in his youth but no signs of senility with this guy.  His mind is still sharp as a tack.

Daryl Dixon(The Walking Dead)

Daryl has plenty of experience surviving in the woods on his own.  He can navigate his way around without getting completely lost and he has the most intelligent ‘weapon’ of any post apocalyptic survivor yet (Except maybe that little feral kid with the boomerang in the Road Warrior movie).   The Crossbow is quiet, deadly and all you need to maintain it are natural materials that are easily available.  As long as there are deer and squirrels in the woods you won’t starve.  Daryl also understands that there are times when you let sleeping dogs lie, if it is not an immediate threat you leave it alone and concentrate on the immediate issue so as not to waste what little resources you have.  He’s also loyal to his group and understands that the good of the group comes first if people are going to survive.

These are my more ‘brainy’ picks.  In every case they have knowledge and skills that would help any group survive.  When civilization goes to hell, courtesy and decency will go right along with it.  You will have human predators who will prey on other survivors and that where the brawn comes in.  You will need guys who can and will take out your enemies permanently.

The MacManus Twins(Boondock Saints)

Connor and Murphy have a simple motto  and it’s well suited to any apocalypse. “Destroy that which is evil so that which is good can flourish.”  These two can do more in a matter of days to clean up organized crime in the city of Boston than the entire police force can do in years.  A handful of human predators wouldn’t have a chance.  Target located, acquired and destroyed with very little fuss.  Although you would have to put up with a lot of childish sibling rivalry bickering.   If all else fails you could ask Daryl Dixon to referee the two of them.

Jack Mason(Surviving the Game)

Jack Mason is already homeless so the apocalypse really wouldn’t shake him up that much and he already knows what it is like to be human prey.  After all he had to survive being hunted by a group of wealthy businessmen who have nothing better to do with their time than hunt other humans.  Jack not only survived he gave them a taste of their own medicine. He knows how to use the terrain to his advantage and will kill who he needs to kill to survive.

Max Rockatansky(Mad Max)

He has taken out a biker gang, a group of predatory nomads,  managed to help ‘Master’ escape from Aunty Entity and led a group of children to a new home where they would be safe.  The thing about Mad Max is that you can’t keep him down.  Just when you think he’s done for he comes back from out of nowhere to put more bad guys down.  The problem is that this guy just disappears into the sunset once he’s done his job.  But he has been surviving for a long time in that apocalyptic world of his and that means a lot.


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