So Willam wins one

Willem won last night’s main challenge and for what?  Pasting her face all over a boat that was supposed to be about Pride and honoring those who fought the battles for these girls to have the right to be who they are?  Puh leeze! Milan gets clocked for making her boat about her and Willem gets rewarded for the same thing?  Come on Ru, you know better than that.  It’s like a Black person honoring the sacrifices of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King by creating and selling t-shirts with their own picture on them.  There was nothing about Willem’s little boat that honored anyone except Willem.

Yes Willem’s boat was ‘pretty’ but that wasn’t the point of the challenge was it?  I would rather have seen PhiPhi win it, her boat was just as pretty and actually conveyed a message that was about honoring those who came before.  As a matter of fact either PhiPhi or Latrice would have been a better choice.

I have to give the best comment of the night to Jiggly who nailed Miss Willem perfectly

Narcissistic much Willem?

Yes she is.

And Chad keep teaching these young ones.  Everyone needs to know their history and the struggles and sacrifices that others have made to make the world a better place for the next generation!  Discrimination in any form is wrong!


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