We don’t need another zero

Yay! Shane is history I’m so glad! Wait a minute…I really liked hating on Shane, now who do I focus my ire on?  Time to determine the next survivor to hate on and this time it’s a woman.

Andrea? No not Andrea, she kind of redeemed herself by standing with Dale.  Dale had a point but chose the wrong moment to make that point.  If human society is going to survive, they are going to have to hold on to what they can of their humanity (Just understand there’s a time to be human and a time to survive).  And with Shane out of the picture that influence is also gone.

Lori? She’s a manipulative bitch, but with Shane out of the picture her manipulative days are behind her, I don’t see Olive Oyl manipulating Daryl Dixon.  He’s pretty smart and he sees through BS pretty clearly so he would see through her plotting with no problem.


There’s another reason I won’t Hate on Lori or Andrea, when push comes to shove they will both fight to survive.  They have put down walkers before.  Unlike the new target of my hatin’,  the weakest link is (insert drumroll here)…Carol!

The appendix of the Atlanta survivors.  She’s there but she serves no identifiable function other than being a maid and she could very easily be the cause of death for the people in the group.  She is WEAK!!!

Carol is so weak she makes a limp noodle look strong in comparison.  And the past few episodes she is not only weak herself, she wants company in being weak.   She doesn’t want to take part in making decisions that directly impact her survival (Randall discussion), and she doesn’t want anyone else taking actions that impact her survival (Daryl’s interrogation of Randall and later the guys search for Randall).

A lot of people on Walking Dead forums want to see a Carol/Daryl romance, that’s one idea I hope gets nixed if any of the writers attempt it.  If that happens everyone can kiss their rear ends goodbye.  Daryl has grown up a lot and become one of the key leaders in the group; that’s baggage he doesn’t need, and it wouldn’t end well.   She would either make him as weak as she is with her judgmental attitude or she would push him into becoming another Ed just to hang on to his balls.  She’s already looked at him like a dog that crapped on the carpet after he interrogated Randall.  Nope don’t even go there.

Carol has another issue, she won’t fight back.  When walkers attack she is going to stand there cowering and waiting for someone to come save her.  She’s conditioned to be a victim from years of abuse at Ed’s hands.  And her many weaknesses shows that she still has a victim’s mentality.  How many times are people going to come to her rescue before they die because she is to weak to do what everyone in that group has done-kill a walker?  Even Carl, a little kid has a walker kill under his belt now and he’s what 10 years old?

The best thing the group can do where Carol is concerned is to let her become Zombie take out.  It would save them all a lot of grief in the long run.



4 responses to “We don’t need another zero

  1. Oh my. You do not care for Carol that’s for sure! I will admit that you changed my mind on the question of Daryl and Carol getting together during previous conversations but I’m not ready to assign her as zombie bait quite yet. Survival is the number one priority, no question, but I tend to agree with Dale’s point about what kind of world we would be creating if survival of the fittest is the only rule. If the argument becomes the weakest person is out, that leads us to a time when only one person is left. The truth is there will never be total consensus, there will always be someone who needs help, and those are things that make us human. Leaving behind humanity in order to survive is not the way to go in my opinion. There are enough in the group to allow for some weakness and the overall benefits of “carrying” someone would probably outweigh any disadvantages. 🙂

    • There’s weak and there’s WEAK. Carl is a child he is weak but that weakness will be addressed as he grows up. Andrea was weak at first, she didn’t know how to take the safety off of a gun. She learned and she went to the gun range with everyone else and learned to handle one, she addressed her weakness making her less of a liability to the group.

      Carol is making no attempt to address her weaknesses. Survival of the fittest is more than just letting go of the weak, It means that if the weak want to live, they have to take responsibility to work on their weakness. They have to grow stronger.

      Everyone cannot be expected to constantly protect Carol if she won’t take measures to protect herself. And they certainly can’t afford such a judgmental attitude. When they come across the next Randall type they don’t need her making Daryl feel like crap about what he has to do to keep the group safe. When they get attacked they don’t need her standing there screaming and waiting for someone to save her.

      If she took some responsibility for herself, if she was making some effort to contribute to her own protection and that of the group, I would have a much different opinion of her.

      • For that matter, Lori is weak and Maggie is weak, but when the chips are down both can still manage to protect themselves a little. And, to some extent, Glenn is weak (that guy is no fighter) but he’ll still be up and fighting when the group needs him.

      • Lori has killed two walkers, Maggie can swing a bat real well and Glenn? Well he took Randall down and saved Daryl’s rear end. Carol has never attempted to protect herself from anything, much less walkers. I can’t wait for them to get rid of her. She is beyond useless. Every other member of that group is going to be fighting for their survival and she going to be cowering and boohoo’ing.

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