What a way to end the season!

No more new episodes of The Walking Dead until October, but what a way to end the season!  It was baddassery overload.  No one of any importance died but there was enough zombie slaying to satisfy the most bloodthirsty of fans.


Jimmy and Patricia ended up as Zombie chow.  No great loss there it’s not like either of them contributed to the story much.  Patricia’s only claim to fame was breaking chicken legs, and all Jimmy did was question whether or not the legendary Chupacabra actually exists.  The farm is also gone, the barn up in flames.  The one loss that I am glad to see is the POS Winnebago.  No more worries about radiator hoses now!

Badasses abound

We expect badassery from Daryl now.   I still have to say he has balls the size of Texas to ride around on a motorcycle with a six-shooter and all those walkers overrunning the place.  He had the loudest, least protected vehicle in the group and he was right there in the middle of the melee.

Hershel let his badass out too.  “It’s my farm, I’ll die here!”  Rambo and his machine gun ain’t got nothing on Hershel and his shotgun.  How many shells does that thing hold anyway?  Hershel stood his ground and had to almost be physically removed by Rick.

But the badass prize for this week goes to Andrea.  How many hours straight did this girl run through the woods killing walkers?  And when she ran out of bullets she used whatever was on hand including pistol whipping one to death!  Big brownie points Andrea!

Should have died

What is Lori’s problem?  She set Rick and Shane against each other, practically asked Rick to kill Shane, agitated Shane into the whole Randall incident and now Shane is dead and she still isn’t happy?  Once again she is looking to manipulate the situation.

Speaking of manipulation, Carol please.  With a master manipulator like Lori around, you don’t even rank as an amateur.   Did you really expect Daryl to fall  for your feeble attempt at staging a palace coup?  You are still alive; shut up and stop with the BS, before Daryl realizes what a bonehead move it was to go back for your sorry ass.  Strike one girl, all you need is two more.

Consolidation of power

I had to laugh at Glen Mazzara’s comment on The Talking Dead about the “Ricktatorship”.  Rick has officially laid claim to the position of leader.  But as I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a power behind the throne.  When everyone rolls up on the highway at the same time Rick makes it a point to greet Daryl first, even before he goes to his wife.  Daryl is also the only one of the guys that we saw Rick single out to greet.  Rick cannot hold the position by himself, he knows who is protecting his back.

Daryl consistently backs Rick.  When Carol tried her little speech, Daryl shut her down.  Rick has done alright by him and Rick is an honorable man.

Daryl is the only one who doesn’t appear to be bothered by Rick’s admission that he had killed Shane.  Daryl had already set the ground work for them to accept it when he tells them that Randall’s neck had been broken by Shane.

He doesn’t go ballistic when Rick tells them that they are all infected, he accepts it.  Daryl will back Rick, but Daryl is not stupid.  Something that Rick knows, so I’m sure you’ll see Rick consulting with Daryl in the future.  And yes Carol, when needed Daryl will act as Rick’s henchman.  Daryl will do what is best for the group, not his own ego.

Signs of things to come

I haven’t read any of the graphic novels and don’t plan to until the show is off the air.  I don’t want to ruin it for myself and whenever I read a book before I see the movie, I end up hating the movie.  But there are enough discussions on TWD boards to pick up hints of what might be around the corner so I was not surprised at the appearance of the mysterious stranger AKA Michonne from the comic.  I wasn’t surprised at the fade out on the prison either.  I already knew about them.

So now we have a new character (T-Dog can’t say he’s the token black anymore) and a new setting for Season 3.  We have a stable leadership in place that is focused on the group’s survival and not their own agenda.  Although they are out of gas and supplies and stranded on the side of the road, they are alive and they are together.  The question is where do they go from here?  Prison maybe?


6 responses to “What a way to end the season!

  1. I enjoyed the season finale but found it amazing that they didn’t keep all the fuel tanks constantly full in their vehicles as there was plenty of gas available from abandoned vehicles to siphon. I also was amazed that they didn’t have a plan in place as to what to do if the farm was attacked and where to meet if they had to evacuate. Seems like they left everything to chance.

    • The lack of a rallying point was glaringly obvious. I guess they all just assumed that everyone knew to go to Sophia’s supply point. Or maybe it had been mentioned in passing since that is where everyone showed up.

      I also thought it was rather stupid to go off with no food and no fuel but then I remember that minus a couple of recently deceased, this is the same group that didn’t think to raid Auto Zone for a radiator hose before leaving Atalanta. I sometimes have to remember that smarts are not exactly in good supply here!

  2. Sister woman I immediately thought of you when that hypocritical c**k tease Lori had the gall to judge Rick for killing Shane. Is she kidding with that? First she hides the affair from Rick while telling Shane it’s over. When he goes all Fatal Attraction on her she insists the baby is not his, gets all scared and tells Rick he’s dangerous. Then just to really muck things up she thanks him for protecting her and Carl and tells him the baby could be his. Lori needs a dose of reality. The time for that high school drama is long gone foolish woman.
    I couldn’t agree more as far as Andrea is concerned. She has picked her self up and is coming into own in that new world.
    I know I have defended Carol in the past but no more. Enough with the whining already. If you think you’re nothing but a burden to others than DO SOMETHING! That something, by the way, is not bitching at Rick for not telling you about the virus.
    Some one saved your sorry ass again, thank you Andrea, so keep you mouth shut and go gather fire wood.
    As you know I think Daryl needs a woman. Since I have been forced to admit that Carol is indeed zombie bait I have set my sights on Andrea. Why I am so preoccupied with getting Daryl laid I do not know. But just think of the badass babies those two would have; his smokey eyes and her blond hair and high cheek bones. The baby would probably be able to hit a bulls eye with a gun or cross bow. There is the future of the human race since Lori will instill nothing but fear and confusion in her baby. Maybe Carol can become the group nanny.
    By the way, kudos to you Miss Cheryl for figuring out the virus has indeed already infected every one. 🙂

    • I think even Daryl kind of lost patience with Carol and her little attempt at fomenting rebel in the ranks. Andrea indeed showed she was a badass but for some reason I just can’t see Daryl settling for Shane’s sloppy seconds! I’ll have to see how Michonne shapes up next season, maybe she will be badass enough to match Daryl. Now that would be interesting a redneck with Jungle Fever!

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