Willam what did you do?

RuPaul paired the girls up last night in a frienemies challenge and what an interesting night.  And shocking too!

First the ladies all took lie detector tests in which Ru asked them a series of yes or no questions and got some interesting results.  It looks like Carmen Carrera was right last season durung the comedy club challenge, everyone secretly wants to kai-kai with the big girl.  Everyone wants a piece of Latrice!  And Dita Ritz is a habitual liar.

After going over the results she grouped them into appropriate pairs based on their answers.  Willam and Latrice, Dita and Chad Michaels and finally the most obvious pairing; Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O Hara.  The Party City girl and the broke down pageant queen.  I was surprised to see that Sharon and Phi Phi actually managed to not kill each other, there’s no love lost between those two!

Willam was oddly silent the whole time.  So not the little braggart she usually is.  Something was up.  But we had no idea what was coming.

I have to admit that Willam and Latrice had the best act and won the challenge. While Sharon and Phi Phi were stuck to lip sync for their lives (After Willam tossed her cookies over the edge of the stage).  At the end of the lip sync when Sharon and Phi Phi were waiting to see who was going home, Ru called Willam forward.

Now for the shocker.  Willam was the one who went home.  It seems that Willam was caught breaking the rules.  What rule?  During Untucked the level of animosity between Phi Phi and Willam was revealed, or at least Phi Phi’s animosity toward Willam.  Several accusations of rule breaking from Phi Phi although no specifics were given.

I was left wondering what rule, and more importantly how did the rule breaking come to Ru’s attention.  With Phi Phi involved I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t Phi Phi that brought it to Ru’s attention.  She threw Jiggly under the bus last week and said that she would do whatever is necessary to win.  With one incident of sabotage under her belt, any underhanded thing she does from now on won’t surprise me.  I guess I’ll have to be like everyone else and wait until April 30th and the reunion show to find out what Willam did that was so wrong.

I never made any bones about the fact that I found Willam annoying and wanted her gone.  But I wanted her gone because someone showed her up for the lack of talent not because someone was a tattletale.  I understand that rules must be followed but I would rather not have seen her eliminated this way.  It would have been much better to not do this one on camera.  Simply say that she had been disqualified.

I will say that if Phi Phi had something to do with it, Phi Phi needs to follow her out of the door.  The more I see of Phi Phi the less class she shows.  All three season winners have been classy ladies let’s not taint the title by having an underhanded schemer win this season.


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