A proper RIP to those we lost

We had several losses this season and they deserve a proper goodbye.   So allow me to take this moment to properly say goodbye (Or good riddance).


Sophia, Sophia.  There is a reason that children should listen to adults and you learned that the hard way.  Too bad your little friend Carl isn’t learning from your mistake.  But your whole plight was necessary.  You made Rick step up and realize that someone had to take charge, and for a moment you gave Daryl hope and the chance to prove he wasn’t just another Merle.  It was hard to watch you come out of that barn, but your appearance showed everyone just how precarious life is.  It’s a ZA.  Sh*t happens.


Dale the voice of reason you weren’t exactly wrong in your beliefs, you just couldn’t adapt to the situation anymore than your nemesis, Shane.  You said that you couldn’t believe anyone wanted to live in a world of survival of the fittest and you are right.  No one wants to but if you are going to survive that’s what you have to do.   You just couldn’t grasp that there’s a time to be humane and a time to survive.  Part of growing up is realizing that things are the way they are and you may not like it, but you deal with it.

Randall, Dave and Slim Tony

For too long there was no human threat represented.  Okay I know we met a street gang called the Vatos, but the Vatos were no more threatening than the Atlanta survivor group.  Shane was the closest thing we had to the human predator that will not only rise in a situation like this but thrive by victimizing others.  Dave and Tony gave us a hint of the threat and then Randall confirmed it during his little man to man with Daryl.


Boy did you go off the deep end!  Yes there were extenuating circumstances namely Lori and her manipulation, but you didn’t have to fall for it.  If you had just put a lid on your own ego she wouldn’t have manipulated you the way she did.   Your jealousy didn’t help either.  You were jealous of Rick because he had Lori.  You were jealous of Daryl because Rick began to put more trust in him but once again, you were your own worst enemy.  Do you really think Rick would have turned to depending on Daryl if you hadn’t let him down.  When you let Rick down you were practically shoving Daryl into your place.  If you had been a true ‘wingman’, there would have been no reason for Daryl to step up and put Dale out of his misery, you would have done it.  When Sophia came out of that barn Rick wouldn’t have had to put her down, you would have done it.  You just couldn’t let go of that ‘tin star’ mentality.

The Farm

The calm before the storm.  Everyone needs to rest and gather their strength before battle and the farm gave us the’ environment to do just that.   Unfortunately many came to see the farm as safety.  It was nice while it lasted and it gave us a chance to separate the wheat from the chaff and shed a few weak elements.  It gave some people the chance to grow stronger and more confident. It gave people a chance to grow closer and find their place in the group and with each other, but sooner or later it had to end.

(POS)Piece of Sh*t, the RV

How did POS last as long as it did being everyone knew what a POS it was and made no effort to correct this?  We knew in the quarry camp.  The radiator hose was held together with duct tape then.  On the way to the CDC what happens? The hose blows! Just in time to ditch Jim on the side of the road.  And with all of the preparations made to leave Atlanta after the CDC blew up, why didn’t someone think about the radiator hose?  You were in Atlanta.  There had to be an AutoZone, Pep Boys, Western Auto that you passed by on the way out of town.  Instead of fixing the obvious problem with POS you drive out of Atlanta and then act surprised when POS blows again just in time to lose Sophia?  Well that burden was left on the farm.   Goodbye and good riddance!


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