Maybe I can make it on 1000 Ways to Die too!

Yes, that is 1.85 miles of fabric hanging from her dress

There are some things in this world that go beyond stupid, and this is one of them.  Please tell me what bride needs a 2 mile long train on her wedding dress?  All to get in the Guinness Book of World Records.  This is beyond stupid for more than one reason.

Stupid reason number one

Almost 2 miles of fabric wasted in a publicity stunt that could have been used to clothe dozens of people.  At a time when we are worrying about resources, such waste is inexcusable.  But let’s talk about the other stupid reason.

Stupid reason number two

The bride modeled this gown from a hot air balloon with her train dragging on the ground two miles behind her, over a busy street.  This is one very lucky young lady.  It could have been very easy for that train to snag on something.  Accidents happen, they are called accidents because no one plans to have one.  And an accident on the street below could have easily been her downfall.

Hot air balloons are at the mercy of the wind, one good gust of wind and she could have broken two records at once.   She could be holding the honor of being the  first bride in history who died falling from a hot air balloon when she was yanked out of that balloon by her 2 mile long train.

Then she could have appeared on the TV show that proves some people are just too stupid to live, 1000 Ways to Die.  Really, is it worth it, risking your life just to get your name in a book?  Well I guess it is to some people because they pull some stupid, dangerous and moronic stunts to get in there!


2 responses to “Maybe I can make it on 1000 Ways to Die too!

  1. This post is along the lines of something I’ve been wonder about. Why do so many brides want to turn their wedding day into a something besides what it is? Why does anyone need a theme, beyond color and style, for their wedding? I thought two people in love spending the rest of their lives together WAS the theme. A horse drawn carriage to the church used to be different and romantic but now it’s that tacky, light up, Cinderella, pumpkin-shaped thing. I went to an VERY expensive wedding a few years ago that was really beautiful: flowers, food, everything. Perfect. Then the D.J. began to do his thing and suddenly the lights start flashing, the music came booming out, and dancers came bouncing in to… well I don’t know why they were there but you get the idea. Now here’s the thing; There were maybe fifteen people in that ball room that really loved it. Maybe another 150 that like to dance so o.k, not my thing but let’s have fun. The other 150? They left. No one could talk and the D.J. never played one song I knew let alone the older folks. Wouldn’t it have been just as lovely and fun and memorable without re-creating Studio 54 in the ballroom? Was having the BEST D.J. and light show more important than all those relatives and friends that left? Does making it more than is make it better? I don’t get it. Sorry Cheryl but sometimes I get going and can’t stop. And that dress your were talking about was ugly even without the train. 🙂

    • I understand wanting to have the ‘perfect’ wedding but…20 years from now when they pull out the photo album and the kids are peeing on themselves rolling around on the floor at mom and dad’s stupidity, well they’ve only themselves to blame.

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