Please Hollywood, stop mislabeling the monsters!

Okay I think it’s time for someone to stick up for the monsters.  Ever since Bram Stoker wrote Dracula, the poor monsters have been defanged, declawed and mislabeled by entertainment industry greed.

Night of the Living Dead was probably the first major blow to the monsters in movies.  Romero never referred to the ‘dead’ people as zombies, he called them ghouls which is what they are.  Ghouls are flesh eaters, zombies are mindless slaves under the control of a voodoo priest.   However Hollywood managed to totally sell ghouls as zombies to an uneducated public.  Very few had a clue when the movie came out and now most people have no clue what a zombie actually  is.   They have been spoon fed the Hollywood garbage.

1868 patented 'Coffin Alarm'

Zombies are not dead people that bite other dead people.  Zombies are living people in a drug induced paralysis that mimics death.  Yes they get buried, alive, and when dug up people label them as the walking dead.  After all they saw them buried!  The walking dead are more common than you think.  Many people have been in catatonic states over the years and buried alive even without the drugs.  It was such a common occurence that a patent was issued for a coffin alarm just in case you woke up from your catatonic state 6 feet under.  Probably the only recent movie that came close to being correct about zombies was The Serpent and the Rainbow.

A walker enjoying a little snack

Ghouls are different.  These creatures eat human flesh and traditionally hung out in graveyards.  The only change Romero made between the traditional ghoul and those in his film was that Romero’s ghouls preferred their flesh alive and kicking while the traditional ghoul would eat dead flesh.  What Romero created on screen was almost a cross between a ghoul and a Wendigo (of Native American mythology) which is more of a cannibalistic spirit that possesses it’s victim.  Neither one of these creatures had anything to do with Zombie lore.

The one thing I appreciate about The Walking Dead is that so far I haven’t heard anyone refer to them as zombies on the show.  They call them Walkers or geeks.  Thank you for staying away from the ‘Z’ word!  If there comes a time when you do have to actually name them, please use the right term and call them ghouls.  The poor ghoul has no press while Zombies are getting credit for all of their horrific work!

There's nothing handsome about this bloodsucker!

Now that brings me to Bram Stoker and the vampires.  Previous to Dracula, there was nothing noble or romantic about the vampire.  It was a hideous creature that preyed on the living.  I mean hideous in actions and looks.  From the moment Dracula was published, the vampire was dealt a blow that is almost impossible to overcome.  Once Hollywood got a hold of it forget it.  For decades we had only one (almost) authentic representation of the vampire, Count Orlock of Nosferatu. Once Bela Lugosi played Dracula, it was downhill from there.

Oh look! It's Tinkerbell's big brother!

Vampires are consistently portrayed on screen as good-looking, suave, seductive and romantic beings.  Yes they kill people, but only because they had such a rough time of it.  They weren’t evil, just misguided in their actions.  No one wanted to present them simply as predators preying on the human race.  Thank God for 30 Days of Night which gave us a more accurate representation of the vampire(At least in it’s actions).  Unfortunately it has all been wiped out with this Twilight garbage.  Vampires sparkle? Really.  Those aren’t vampires, they are a bunch of fairies in need of a good orthodontist!

Let’s leave the monsters as what they are, monstrous.  Let’s credit the right monsters and stop pinning things on the wrong ones.  How about a little knowledge of what you are dealing with instead of changing things for greed.  The monsters would be much happier and so would fans who have some knowledge of the actual lore.  We want horror, not Hollywood BS!


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