It must be true, it’s on the internet!

Okay Boondock Saints/Walking Dead Fans time to go into a full blown panic, our favorite Irish Redneck, Norman Reedus is missing!  I just saw this developing story this morning on Twitter so you know it has to be true, it’s on the internet!

Stop laughing Norman, this is serious!...Not!

Seems Norman and Daryl Dixon have something in common, both of them like to go off alone and sulk, at least according to the ‘unnamed source’.   Daryl wanders off to the other side of Hershel’s property but Norman has to outdo Daryl, he wanders off into the jungles of Africa.


Excuse me for a moment, unplanned outbreak of the giggles happening here.  You see it seems that this news site knows Norman is missing but no one bothered to tell him that he was missing.  Norman thinks he is in Australia at a convention he’s been tweeting about to us right now! Good thing he has the internet to tell him better!


It’s really sad when you have to find out that you are lost in a jungle somewhere in Africa from the internet.

Thanks for tweeting us and letting us know you're missing!


















Everything you see on the internet is not true so don’t treat everything like it’s gospel.  Norman is not missing, no matter what Mr. Unnamed Source says.  He’s probably having a good laugh right now, just like I am.

By the way @wwwbigbaldhead is his verified Twitter account.  Feel free to follow him there and I’m sure if he ever really gets lost, he’ll tweet us.


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