Carol? No it’s Florida Evans!

Florida Evans 2012

Remember the old TV show Good Times? Well Florida Evans fell into a vat of bleach, changed her name and made it to the apocalypse!

Now she is known as Carol.  Carol and Florida are so much alike it’s not funny, they have the same stupid habits and beliefs.  And those habits and beliefs work just as well during the apocalypse as they do in the ghetto.  Which is to say not at all.  Had Florida just left James alone maybe they would have made it out of the ghetto.  If Carol will sit down and shut up maybe the group might survive another day.

Florida believes the Lord will provide and deliver her family from poverty.  Carol believes the group will provide and deliver her from walkers.  Sorry Florida but the Lord helps those who help themselves.  Now the group of survivors need to take a hint from above and help those who help themselves too.  Funny but everyone in the group seems to be able to help themselves except for Carol.
Florida believes that a woman cooking and cleaning is enough.  Carol believes that a woman cooking and cleaning is enough.  Sorry ladies but in both cases the people around you are not helpless.  They can cook and clean for themselves.  In Florida’s case eventually she did have to go out and find a job beyond being a maid.  Carol get off your rear end and find something to do that contributes to the group in a meaningful way!

Poor Daryl looks a lot like James Evans enduring another one of Florida's many tirades.

Whenever James did a little ‘hustling’ to provide for his family, Florida had a conniption.  Whenever Daryl (Or any of the men for that matter) do a little ‘hustling to keep the group safe, Carol has a conniption.  Every time James came home with a little extra money from hustling pool or shooting craps Florida lit into him about ‘dirty’ money.  That ‘dirty’ money spends too Flo.  How many times did James make the rent or keep the lights on by hustling?  When Daryl interrogates Randall he gets a dirty look.  When the guys go out to look for an escaped Randall they get a lot of grief.  When Rick keeps Jenner’s secret preventing a panic (and Jenner was a fry or two short of a happy meal), Carol immediately tries to convince Daryl that Rick is inept.  How many times will the actions these guys take keep you from being lunch for a walker Carol?


Yes this is Florida Evans in all of her stupid holier than thou glory.  I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this Daryl but what you went back for was Florida Evans and Florida was quite happy in the ghetto.  Carol is no different.  She’s quite happy with her precarious position.  Both of these women are comfortable with the way things are because they can always blame someone or something else for their predicament.  It’s much easier than taking responsibility for themselves and their lives.


2 responses to “Carol? No it’s Florida Evans!

  1. I just happened to be watching an old episode of Good Times and it was one of the times that James had gone to the pool hall and made a little extra money. Florida starts carrying on about the dirty money and it reminded me so much of Carol that it wasn’t funny.

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