Carmen Carrera Part Deux

So once again she had an eliminated queen return and I can only call it Carmen Carrera Part Deux.  It seems the only criteria the judges use is who is fishiest.  Carmen a pretty little fish, she came back.  Last night is was another pretty little fish, Kenya Michaels.

And once again it was transform a man night.  This time it was taking straight baby daddies and turning them into baby momma’s, complete with baby bumps.  And once again the pretty one ending up going home almost as soon as she walked back in the door.

Carmen went because she was determined to prance around the stage half naked.  Her big buff jock did not have the body to be wearing a bikini.   If Carmen had been less concerned with showing off her body, and more concerned with covering up his; she may have hung around a bit longer.

Kenya tried.  I’ll give her credit but the guy she chose to pair her with sunk her.  He just seemed like it was a chore for him to be there the whole time.  He looked absolutely miserable.  Bottom two Kenya and she made the same mistake Dida made, you don’t bounce around hip hop, ballet or whatever it  was Kenya was doing to Aretha!  You young queens need a lesson in old school.  I knew she was gone when her hand went to that wig and Santino let out a pained ‘no’.

Come on ladies, since you don’t seem to get it let me lay out the three ‘Laws of Lip Sync’ for you:

  1. Match your lip-sync to the music
  2. Keep your shoes on your feet
  3. Keep your wig on your head

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