Bye Boo! Latrice sashayed away

Okay Sharon Needles blew it out of the water.  I want those furry boots, but Chad Michaels in the bottom two?  She had a Chinese Crested dog for crying out loud and I thought the point was to create a look inspired by the breed of dog.  Have any of those judges ever taken a close look at a Chinese Crested?  Chad’s look screamed Chinese Crested!

I really did not get anything Bloodhound from Phi Phi’s outfit, or was it was because she was in shades of brown?  Brown by itself doesn’t say bloodhound hound.   Phi Phi needed a lot more work to represent her dog.  Or was it because she came out there with a pink glittered pooper scooper looking like a skinny Jiggly?

I would love to complain about Latrice getting sent home but I knew when she fell into the bottom two it was over.  With Winona Judd on the panel we knew it would be a country song.  Latrice has the soul vibe but that wasn’t going to fly with country.  Although had the correct two been in the bottom (Phi Phi) Latrice would have had a chance.



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