Rick Grimes-just trying to fumble his way through it

We know now that Daryl is not invincible, lets accept the fact that Rick is not omniscient.  If he was, he would have known that Shane’s favorite song was Naughty by Nature’s O.P.P and Lori’s favorite song was Creep by TLC.  Or maybe he did since he’s not totally surprised by the fact that they had an affair while he was happily dwelling in Comaville.

Rick is thrust into a situation that he is ill prepared to handle and he knows it.  For that matter no one is prepared to handle it completely.  Some are better prepared like Daryl but that’s it.  Rick is doing the best that he can and adapting to the situation as needed.

Rick is not making wrong decisions by any stretch of the imagination, he is making the right decisions but circumstances are making those decisions turn out wrong.  The only thing Rick does wrong is letting other people make him second guess himself.

Going back to Atlanta to get Merle and the guns was the right decision, walkers attacked the camp while he was gone.  But Rick was right what they needed was more guns.  The survivors in camp were getting their asses eaten until Rick, T-Dog, Glenn and Daryl showed up and start popping off caps in walker brains.

The CDC was the right place to go.  It is the CDC that does research into disease and has the mission of containing the spread of an epidemic, not the US Army.  Any hope of a cure would have been found in a place like the CDC.  It was not Rick’s fault that Jenner spent too much time listening to Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill.

Not telling a group that is hanging on to hope by a thread that they were all infected was also the right thing since the group would probably have suffered a rash of opting out.  A lot more of them would have stayed with Jenner and Jacqui.

I’m sure that Rick has thought about what unfolded those final couple of days on the farm.  And he is second guessing himself over what he did in not following his first instinct to kill Randall.  He allowed himself to be swayed from a decision by Dale’s pleading and in the end the group still upheld the first decision he had made.  The only difference is that Dale and Shane are now dead.

I think that is where the it’s not a democracy speech came from.  Had he just executed Randall when he dediced to the first time then maybe Dale, Shane, Patricia and Jimmy would still be alive.  Maybe those walkers in the woods would not have heard the gunshot when Carl put Shane down.  Maybe they would all still be on the farm and fairly ‘safe’.

Either way no more ‘I want to hear what the group has to say about this or that.’  There are too many people with too many opinions and some of those opinions (like Dale’s) are not conductive to the group’s safety and continued survival.  He doesn’t need to hear people’s opinions anymore he needs to do what is in their best interests, whether they like it or not.  That doesn’t mean he’s not going to listen to some people, He has been depending on Daryl for a while and listening to him.  I’m sure he will be listening to Hershel too if only because Hershel is older and perhaps ‘wiser’.  What he will not listen to is people whining, moaning, complaining and criticizing every move he makes to keep them safe.


4 responses to “Rick Grimes-just trying to fumble his way through it

  1. well i like the fact that its a “ricktatorship” .. but i dont no why everyone is going mad at him, they should thank him.. he just killed his best friend … let me no what you think

  2. Agree. You can’t hand over responsibility to someone and then blame that person if something goes wrong. If Shane thought Rick was so incompetent why didn’t he ask who agreed and those people could have left.
    Considering they all almost died not 2 hours ago, they lost everything but the clothes on their backs, and they’re huddled outside in the cold, who would even care he didn’t tell them? Maybe in a warm and safe home you could have a discussion about absolute truth during a zombie holocaust but, all things considered, THAT’S what you’re upset about? I’m with Rick. Shut up or do it yourself.
    Now please tell me you’re doing Lori next.

    • I’ll get around to Lori and all of them eventually. Carol is the one that I am ready to see go. I can’t stand people who sit around doing nothing for themselves and then complain about people that do. I personally think Rick should have shoved her over the guardrail and down the hill into the woods into the woods with a find her yourself. when she started about you can’t leave my daughter in the woods alone at night

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