RuPaul’s Drag Race has gone to the dogs, literally!

If you Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and don’t watch Untucked you missed out on Monday night as Miss Ru’s show went to the dogs in more ways than one!  While the girls showed that all of them can take bitchiness to a whole new level, to the point that Dita Von Teese made a completely useless trip to meet them and Even Ru ran out of patience, the high point was the dogs.

Poor Dita sitting in the Gold bar listening to world war three and making out her shopping list (Dita needs to buy bananas folks).  It had to be embarrassing to Ru that her girls acted that way in front of a guest (Granted the guest was in the next room), Dita couldn’t have missed what was going on .  It was probably uncomfortable for Dita too.  And the kicker is that it was a complete waste of Dita’s time as she had to leave to catch a flight without ever speaking to the girls.

But the absolute best part of the show was the interaction between the dogs and some of the comments the dogs made.  I was rolling on the floor from the following exchange:

“Tired ass show Dog!”

“Go back to Pet City where you belong!”

“Chad Michaels is old, She’s 170 in dog years.”

Watch the full episode of Untucked here


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