All Hail the Queen Sharon Needles wins!

So Monday night a new queen was crowned,  we met a new faculty member of of DragU and we know what Willam did.

Willam, the rumors were flying hard and heavy on what you did.  Everything from drug use to who knows what and in the end it was something that we really can’t get mad about or gossip about.  You were bumping uglies with your husband.  I ain’t mad at you girl, you’re hubby is your hubby.  I must say that as much as your arrogance and name dropping annoyed me, inthe end I would much rather have had you make it to the top 3 than the habitual liar Phi Phi O’Hara.  Who continued to spew that crap about her father and how bad he treats her when all anyone has to do is look at her MySpace page to see How Miss Phi Phi brags onthe fact that her father supports her in everything she does.   You may have been an annoying name dropper but you never lied and you never deliberately threw a friend under the bus like Phi Phi.

Latrice Motherfucking Royale, you represented for the big girls.  Making it all the way to the top 4.  But you left your mark when you left.  It was a given that the fans who had grown to admire your courage, strength and honesty would vote for you as Miss Congeniality.  You have been a great role model and an inspiration.  Your willingness to talk about being in prison, and to show that there is life after prison  is a sign of hope for anyone who has been there.  And yes I am looking forward to seeing more of you as you join the faculty of DragU.

Chad Michaels, we all know that you are a professional and you showed us what professionalism is.  You would have been an acceptable champion that would have worn the crown with class but it was not to be.  Sharon Needles, spooky Scary Sharon won.

I liked Sharon from day one when she strolled the runaway all dressed up as a zombie and drooling fake blood down her chin.  Drag is the illusion of being female and not all women are glamorous beauty queens.  Not all women dress up looking like they stepped out of a Vera Wang ad.   Sharon you represent something different.  A new face of drag.  And that what this competition should be about, seeing All the many facets of drag and not just showgirls and beauty queens.  Congratulations, Sharon Needles.  All Hail the Queen


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