Doomsday is coming…again

When will all these doomsday prophets give it up?  No one knows when it will happen, not even Christ himself.  Do these idiots think that they know better than the Messiah?  Now some unknown little ‘Christian’ group in Miami is telling us June 30th.

Miami-based 666 tattoo cult says world will end on June 30th

Well this time we have a twist.  The world won’t literally end.  All the governments will just fall but only these knuckleheads will survive, and they are all going to turn into X-men on top of it.  God’s going to give them all superpowers!

All I can say is maybe they need to put down the Marvel Comics and pick up a bible some time!  And maybe enjoy this little number from Jesus Christ Superstar.

King Herod’s Song


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