They’re back!

Well fans of two shows will be happy next as both Drag U and Falling Skies return.

Drag U is back for Season 3.  Which means more RuPaul as he and his Queens teach biological women  how to be fierce Drag Queens.  Season 3 premieres On Monday June 18th.

Falling Skies which pretty much lost me by just totally hiding under rock after their season premiere returns on Sunday June 17th.  Whether or not enough people are interested in it now to warrant a third season remains to be seen.  TNT has been very sloppy in keeping the show in the viewers minds unlike The Walking Dead which has viewers (Including me) salivating at the thought of it’s return in October.  For that you can thank AMC,the producers and stars of the series They haven’t let us forget, maybe because it seems like they are drooling at the thought as much as the fans!

Okay I won’t bash Falling Skies anymore and I will tune it to the premiere what happens from there I just don’t know. 



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