Please Hollywood, stop mislabeling the monsters!

Okay I think it’s time for someone to stick up for the monsters.  Ever since Bram Stoker wrote Dracula, the poor monsters have been defanged, declawed and mislabeled by entertainment industry greed.

Night of the Living Dead was probably the first major blow to the monsters in movies.  Romero never referred to the ‘dead’ people as zombies, he called them ghouls which is what they are.  Ghouls are flesh eaters, zombies are mindless slaves under the control of a voodoo priest.   However Hollywood managed to totally sell ghouls as zombies to an uneducated public.  Very few had a clue when the movie came out and now most people have no clue what a zombie actually  is.   They have been spoon fed the Hollywood garbage.

1868 patented 'Coffin Alarm'

Zombies are not dead people that bite other dead people.  Zombies are living people in a drug induced paralysis that mimics death.  Yes they get buried, alive, and when dug up people label them as the walking dead.  After all they saw them buried!  The walking dead are more common than you think.  Many people have been in catatonic states over the years and buried alive even without the drugs.  It was such a common occurence that a patent was issued for a coffin alarm just in case you woke up from your catatonic state 6 feet under.  Probably the only recent movie that came close to being correct about zombies was The Serpent and the Rainbow.

A walker enjoying a little snack

Ghouls are different.  These creatures eat human flesh and traditionally hung out in graveyards.  The only change Romero made between the traditional ghoul and those in his film was that Romero’s ghouls preferred their flesh alive and kicking while the traditional ghoul would eat dead flesh.  What Romero created on screen was almost a cross between a ghoul and a Wendigo (of Native American mythology) which is more of a cannibalistic spirit that possesses it’s victim.  Neither one of these creatures had anything to do with Zombie lore.

The one thing I appreciate about The Walking Dead is that so far I haven’t heard anyone refer to them as zombies on the show.  They call them Walkers or geeks.  Thank you for staying away from the ‘Z’ word!  If there comes a time when you do have to actually name them, please use the right term and call them ghouls.  The poor ghoul has no press while Zombies are getting credit for all of their horrific work!

There's nothing handsome about this bloodsucker!

Now that brings me to Bram Stoker and the vampires.  Previous to Dracula, there was nothing noble or romantic about the vampire.  It was a hideous creature that preyed on the living.  I mean hideous in actions and looks.  From the moment Dracula was published, the vampire was dealt a blow that is almost impossible to overcome.  Once Hollywood got a hold of it forget it.  For decades we had only one (almost) authentic representation of the vampire, Count Orlock of Nosferatu. Once Bela Lugosi played Dracula, it was downhill from there.

Oh look! It's Tinkerbell's big brother!

Vampires are consistently portrayed on screen as good-looking, suave, seductive and romantic beings.  Yes they kill people, but only because they had such a rough time of it.  They weren’t evil, just misguided in their actions.  No one wanted to present them simply as predators preying on the human race.  Thank God for 30 Days of Night which gave us a more accurate representation of the vampire(At least in it’s actions).  Unfortunately it has all been wiped out with this Twilight garbage.  Vampires sparkle? Really.  Those aren’t vampires, they are a bunch of fairies in need of a good orthodontist!

Let’s leave the monsters as what they are, monstrous.  Let’s credit the right monsters and stop pinning things on the wrong ones.  How about a little knowledge of what you are dealing with instead of changing things for greed.  The monsters would be much happier and so would fans who have some knowledge of the actual lore.  We want horror, not Hollywood BS!


Let kids sink or swim, they will get over it!

I saw an interesting post on Peaceful Controversy about protecting or exposing children and it got me to thinking about just how much damage we do to children by not exposing them to the harsh realities of life.  As humans, childhood is the period in which we develop and hone the skills we will need as adults, but when we become so overprotective, we prevent children from developing those skills.

What happens when the false ego inflating falls flat?

More importantly we  give our children a false view of life.  We give them an impression of life being, if not perfect, without pitfalls.  We minimize the value of the need to achieve.  Why get good grades when know you will be promoted to the next grade with your ‘peers’ even if you aren’t on the same level?  Why master skills when the mastering of them means nothing.

When I was in school, kids got left back if they did not master the basic skills necessary to move up a grade.  Yes, it was embarrassing.  Yes, egos got bruised.  And yes, it did lead to teasing from the other kids in school.  Getting left back was something to be avoided, therefore students worked to master those skills.  If they did get left back then they worked twice as hard at mastering them next year.

However we now put so much emphasis on a child’s ego, that we ignore the difficulties we place on them later.  The child who got left back and learned those skills grew into an adult that had mastered the skill of dealing with adversity.  Now we socially promote children who have great self esteem until they become adults and have to deal with the reality of adversity.  They do not have the skills because we refused to let them learn them.

It has been 70 long years

70 years ago today an event took place that shocked the world, the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  This event is what spurred the US to join WWII.  WWII is not only an important event in American history, it is an important event in black history.  It was during WWII that a group of young educated black men made a bold step toward equal rights in the military.  These men were the Tuskegee Airmen.

Between 1941 and 1946, hundreds of Young Black men trained as pilots for the armed forces.  These young men were known as the Tuskegee Airmen.  And WWII gave them the opportunity to not only train but eventually fight as pilots of the American  Armed Forces.  These men fought a war on two fronts first they fought abroad against the Axis Powers and they fought at home against racism and discrimination.  And they excelled at both.

Sadly, out of the hundreds Tuskegee Airmen only a few still survive.  I am very lucky to have met one of them, Dr Granville Coggs.  Meeting Dr Coggs and hearing from him the pride he holds being a documented original Tuskegee Airman makes me realize exactly what a major accomplishment it was to being one of those special men.  And Dr Coggs has not rested on his laurels.  He is a cancer survivor and takes part in the Senior Olympics as a runner.  Meeting him is something that I treasure because he is truly a living legend.  He’s well into his 90’s now and with the originals dying off soon we won’t be able to hear the stories of what these men accomplished from them.  Instead we will go to the Smithsonian Institute and look at replica uniforms and replica planes because that is all that will be left.

Some people just beg to be scammed

Right now I’m wondering how people can be so stupid and willfully blind.  There’s a scam out there that seems to be causing mass hysteria.  A so called ‘payment processor’ called  It has all the classic earmarks of a money laundering scheme.

People getting free money just for signing up and no little amount either $50!  Then up to $20 every day they are active.  Add another $5 for every sucker that they can find to follow them into the mess.  One catch the money is not real.  They are giving you paybox dollars! Go try buying a happy meal with those paybox dollars and see what it will get you.

But wait there’s more! when you reach $1000 in your account you can withdraw these paybox dollars.  you can withdraw phony money with no value unless somehow there is cash to back them.   They are stressing that you never have to make a deposit so there’s no cash coming from that source.  That begs the question “Where is it coming from?”  So let’s just pop on over to their main ‘corporate’ site and see where it’s coming from.  Oops! there isn’t one! only endless affiliate sign up sites saying get $50 just for joining.

Well alrighty then, let’s head over to Who is and get the contact info there. NOT! They have who is Guard to prevent anyone from seeing their IP info.  So here’s this so called company claiming to be a payment processor, (I didn’t mention that there is an accredited and certified Payment processor called Paybox services that has an almost identical logo/name another huge red flag!) that want’s to give me all this free money and I don’t have to give them a dime?  They say I can have hundreds or even thousands of dollars in my account when they actually launch? How cool is that?

I don’t know? How cool is the crime of money laundering?  Here’s a company giving away all this free money, that cannot be traced and you cannot find a location or contact information on them.  Sounds fishy to me and to anyone with a functioning brain cell.  Unfortunately dollars signs seem to trump the brain cells in this case.  My brain tells me that things this fishy should be avoided at all costs, unless of course you like the idea of being locked in a cell with someone named Bubba.

A Public Service announcement-5 tips to protect yourself from scams

Protecting yourself from scams is not that hard.  but like anything else you have to want to do it.  Stop listening to the greed impulse:
1.There are no free rides, no money for nothing.  If you are getting money you are doing something for that money even if you don’t know what it is.
2.If it sounds too good to be true why would you think it is?  Too good to be true means exactly that.
3. Find out about the company. Forget the scam and investigate the company.  Do they have a corporate website.  Meaning do they have a website available that you can look at which is not a signup site, affiliate site etc.  I mean a corporate site complete with address and phone number.
4. Does the phone number or address exist? Call the number and see if someone answers or if it is a FAX number.  Don’t just assume the because someone answers the number is ‘good’ question them on the company, you may find out that the number is to a residence or a different company that has nothing to do with the scam company
5. Check with the proper authorities such as the FTC or whichever agency oversees consumer protection in your country.  If it is a scam or if it is under scrutiny by the authorities you will know.
Unfortunately most people will not do these things.  They are going to give into the push of the greed button and sign up for every scam that comes along and worse yet work hard at convincing their friends and family to go along with them.  So even if your own sainted mother tells you to join, do your homework first.  Your mother could very well be taken in by the scam just like everyone else.