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Politically incorrect

For some reason, people seem to think being politically incorrect makes you a racist/bigot or that people who are politically correct can’t be.  I have stuck out all along that Daryl Dixon is not a racist.  He is politically incorrect and blunt too, which seems to be taken as proof that he is a racist.

That’s because people are judging him by his appearance, his family and his speech, not his actions.  He has (and will most likely continue to) go out of his way risking his own ass for every member of the group; white, black, female, old, young.  If people would judge him by his actions they would understand that his is not racist.  He is not a bigot in anyway.

If you want to really know someone’s character watch their actions, don’t listen to their words or look at their appearance.  I have known people so politically correct it makes my ass hurt.  They go to great pains not to say anything that anyone would find offensive, in public; but let them get behind closed doors and the closet bigot comes out.  They may talk a good game but when it came down to it, they were bonafide bigots.

On the other hand you would think someone who flies a rebel flag from there pickup truck is definitely a racist wouldn’t you?  I know someone who does and yes he is politically incorrect in his speech.  This same person who everyone would call a racist will give the shirt off his back to anyone in need regardless of their race; white, black or pink with purple polka dots.

Maybe I’m better at understanding what a racist is because I was exposed to real racism growing up in the south.   I didn’t grow up with this Politically correct garbage that does nothing more than sweep real racism under the rug because people base evaluations on how someone appears or what they say.  Actions mean nothing in the world of political correctness.  If they did people who are  not racist in their actions would be accused of being racist.

You decide who is really the racist

The person who may use ‘colorful’ speech but will help anyone in any way they can,


The person who careful to speak and dress ‘correctly’, but when it comes to ‘those people’ won’t lift a finger to help in any way because it ‘those people’.

Who really has done the most for Daryl?

I think people need to stop harping on how much Carol has done for Daryl, in reality she hasn’t done that much.  People are always saying how she has reached out to Daryl and she was the only one reaching out to Daryl, truth is it is Rick that has reached out to Daryl from day one and has continued to do so.

Let’s be honest the Atlanta survivors opinion of Daryl was less than glowing until Rick showed up.  Okay I’ll say that maybe they were judging him by what they knew of Merle, but no one in that camp reached out to him not even Carol.  They were all perfectly willing to take what they could get from him (For example that deer he was hunting when we first meet him), but they certainly weren’t giving him any respect, fear maybe because he was a Dixon, but not respect.

Rick is the one who changed all that.  Rick gives Daryl respect.  Rick gives Daryl trust.  Rick is the first one to do so, he has always treated Daryl as more than just another douchebag Dixon.  Lori and Shane show exactly how much they ‘care’ about Daryl when they are sitting there calling Merle a douchebag in front of him and arguing against Rick going back to Atlanta.  This is Daryl’s brother, his family; and their actions are both cruel and inconsiderate.

When Sophia is lost, Rick publicly puts Daryl  in charge of the search.  This is more than just Rick acknowledging Daryl’s skills, but an act of trust and respect.  It is a statement to the group of Daryl’s value to them.  Even at this point the only one reaching out to Daryl is Rick, Carol isn’t doing a thing except crying and moaning over a child she made no attempt to protect.

Daryl is the one who reaches out to Carol.  That’s right Carol did not do any reaching out.  Daryl did something nice for her, bringing her the Cherokee Rose and relating the legend of how the flower came to be to comfort Carol.   When Sophia is finally found Daryl holds her when Rick puts Sophia down and then sits with her in the RV, again to comfort Carol.  Thanks to Rick, Daryl finally begins to feel like he is worthy enough to reach out and be nice for once, to someone else in the group.  Carol was the one most in need so she is the one he reached out to.

It is Rick all along that supported Daryl’s growth.  I know all the ‘romantics’ don’t want to hear this because they are so set on getting Daryl hooked up with Carol.  Daryl has not grown because of Carol, Daryl has grown because of Rick.  Nothing romantic about it, Rick just treated Daryl like a man worthy of respect; And that gave Daryl the opportunity and encouragement to act like a man worthy of respect.

If Carol was to die tomorrow, Daryl would mourn her loss just like he mourned the loss of Dale but it is not going to make some profound impression on his life.   She hasn’t done anything for him, he has done for her.  And anything she does do, is simply her trying to hang on to him.

All Carol really has done is latched onto Daryl as a replacement for Ed and Sophia.  That little ‘I won’t let you pull away’ speech was for Carol’s benefit, not Daryl’s.  Daryl was completely right when he read Carol the riot act.

Rick Grimes-just trying to fumble his way through it

We know now that Daryl is not invincible, lets accept the fact that Rick is not omniscient.  If he was, he would have known that Shane’s favorite song was Naughty by Nature’s O.P.P and Lori’s favorite song was Creep by TLC.  Or maybe he did since he’s not totally surprised by the fact that they had an affair while he was happily dwelling in Comaville.

Rick is thrust into a situation that he is ill prepared to handle and he knows it.  For that matter no one is prepared to handle it completely.  Some are better prepared like Daryl but that’s it.  Rick is doing the best that he can and adapting to the situation as needed.

Rick is not making wrong decisions by any stretch of the imagination, he is making the right decisions but circumstances are making those decisions turn out wrong.  The only thing Rick does wrong is letting other people make him second guess himself.

Going back to Atlanta to get Merle and the guns was the right decision, walkers attacked the camp while he was gone.  But Rick was right what they needed was more guns.  The survivors in camp were getting their asses eaten until Rick, T-Dog, Glenn and Daryl showed up and start popping off caps in walker brains.

The CDC was the right place to go.  It is the CDC that does research into disease and has the mission of containing the spread of an epidemic, not the US Army.  Any hope of a cure would have been found in a place like the CDC.  It was not Rick’s fault that Jenner spent too much time listening to Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill.

Not telling a group that is hanging on to hope by a thread that they were all infected was also the right thing since the group would probably have suffered a rash of opting out.  A lot more of them would have stayed with Jenner and Jacqui.

I’m sure that Rick has thought about what unfolded those final couple of days on the farm.  And he is second guessing himself over what he did in not following his first instinct to kill Randall.  He allowed himself to be swayed from a decision by Dale’s pleading and in the end the group still upheld the first decision he had made.  The only difference is that Dale and Shane are now dead.

I think that is where the it’s not a democracy speech came from.  Had he just executed Randall when he dediced to the first time then maybe Dale, Shane, Patricia and Jimmy would still be alive.  Maybe those walkers in the woods would not have heard the gunshot when Carl put Shane down.  Maybe they would all still be on the farm and fairly ‘safe’.

Either way no more ‘I want to hear what the group has to say about this or that.’  There are too many people with too many opinions and some of those opinions (like Dale’s) are not conductive to the group’s safety and continued survival.  He doesn’t need to hear people’s opinions anymore he needs to do what is in their best interests, whether they like it or not.  That doesn’t mean he’s not going to listen to some people, He has been depending on Daryl for a while and listening to him.  I’m sure he will be listening to Hershel too if only because Hershel is older and perhaps ‘wiser’.  What he will not listen to is people whining, moaning, complaining and criticizing every move he makes to keep them safe.

Hey Lady Luck! Just let Carol die!

How any one person can be as lucky as Carol is beyond me.  And yes she is overwhelmingly blessed with good luck.  Maybe that’s why Sophia had to die, to balance out the wheel of fortune.  By all rights Carol should be D-E-A-D now but she is still here.  Her entire existence is nothing more than one lucky moment after another.

Lucky moment #1-A group of enablers

This group has done nothing but enable Carol in her helplessness and victimhood.  For her, having been abused is a crutch that allows her to dodge any responsibility.  The group doesn’t demand anything more from her.  They don’t make her stand on her own two feet.  What was she doing during gun training?  Cleaning the RV? Cooking squirrels for dinner?  Everyone in that group needs to be able to defend themselves but Carol gets excused.  Dale finally says something during the Randall discussion and Rick shuts him down.  Daryl is beginning to show some impatience with her too by the end of the season finale.  I’m just surprised it took Daryl this long, since he really is a survivor of abuse and survivors while they empathize with other victims do not enable other victims to remain victims.

Lucky moment #2-Shane steps in

Shane needed to take out his frustration from Lori’s put down on someone and Ed was a convenient target.  Ed was about to beat her like a government mule and she avoided that whupping because Shane ended up beating Ed like a government mule.  What does she do?  She runs to Ed crying and comforting him when he got exactly what was coming to him.

Lucky moment #3-Walkers have Ed Sushi for dinner

Walkers killed Ed gutting him like a deer.  In the aftermath of the attack on the camp when Daryl is about to introduce Ed’s skull to a pickaxe, Carol says she wanted to do it.  A lot of people saw this as some show of strength on Carol’s part.  It wasn’t.  It was simply a case of Ed being ‘helpless’ and Carol being able to hit him back without fear of reprisal.  Had Ed so much as twitched she would have dropped that pickaxe and ran off screaming like the hounds of hell were nipping at her heels.  This was nothing more than her wanting to make him hurt in return even though he couldn’t feel a thing.  It takes no strength or courage to ‘kill’ a ‘dead’ man.

Lucky moment #4 Carol is either a kleptomaniac or her memory is totally gone

When Jenner locks them all in the computer room so they can all opt out together (Whether they want to or not), Carol adds her pleas to Rick’s convincing Jenner to open the door and give them a chance to live.  Please remember Carol asked for that chance too.  When they get topside and can’t break the windows Carol reaches into that old lady purse and pulls out a grenade, Rick’s grenade.  “Oh by the way, I found this while I was doing your dirty laundry.”  How do you forget you have a live grenade in your purse?  It’s not like forgetting that pack of Wrigley’s Doublemint gum that’s been floating around in there for the past 5 years.

Lucky moment #5-Rick goes after her child

Carol has just lost her husband all she has left is her child. She was pleading for her child’s life to Jenner.  Come on let’s be real any mother with an iota of maternal instinct is going to protect her child( unless she sees that child as a burden or didn’t want it to begin with).  Mothers are hard wired to protect their children, human and animal mothers have this in common.   A mother will risk herself to protect her child.  She did not make any effort to go after Sophia or protect Sophia but she has no problem pointing the finger at someone else who did.

Lucky moment #6 Daryl holds her back

When Sophia comes stumbling out of the barn, Daryl holds her back.  He sits with her while the grave is being dug.  He does everything possible to support her and her reaction is to sit on her butt in the RV and not even attend her own child’s funeral.  When Dale dies there is this moment when we see Daryl looking at Carol during Dale’s funeral.  It’s funny how many romantics read “Daryl loves Carol” into that look.  That was not a look of affection it was more a look of contemplation.  What I saw was Daryl thinking that Carol couldn’t be bothered to attend a funeral honoring the child that came from her own womb, but a week later she’s standing out there honoring Dale.  If anything I think Daryl is finding less to like about her as time goes on.

Lucky moment #7-Andrea saves her ass

This moment really points out how lucky Carol really is.  At the CDC Andrea is in a much worse head space than Carol.  Andrea is suicidal, she is feeling victimized.  Dale ‘forces’ Andrea to choose to live and then Andrea herself makes the choice to do more than exist as a victim waiting for the inevitable.  Andrea makes the choice to learn to take care of herself.  Carol was asking to live.  You know that old saying, be careful what you wish for you just might get it?  Carol got it, but she doesn’t seem to want it.  She’s not making any efforts to get stronger, learn to protect herself or even make herself less of a burden to everyone else.  That board swing of hers wasn’t even a half-assed attempt.  Andrea has to come to her rescue and when Andrea has a walker on her back all Carol can do is scream.  Remember those gun lessons they didn’t force Carol to participate in?  That is what you get for enabling a victim people.

Lucky moment #8 Daryl saves her ass (Again)

Just minutes after Andrea saves her, Carol is completely alone.  She had to see Andrea go down under that walker too, and T-Dog with Beth and Lori realizes that if they are going to get off the farm they have to do it now and leaves.  Maybe even Lady Luck is getting a bit tired of Carol because Carol ends up in a do or die situation.  No one to protect her or save her now.  Carol is completely dependent on Carol and what does she do? She stumbles around crying and screaming for help.  She makes no effort to help herself.  I guess Lady Luck didn’t realize that Daryl is a closet pyromaniac because he’s sitting there watching that barn fire like he’s at a drive-in movie.  So he just happens to be close enough to hear screams.  Daryl being Daryl knows that someone from his group is in trouble and goes back, saving Carol for the second time in a matter of minutes.

Lucky moment number #9-Daryl doesn’t shoot her

The absolute worst thing anyone can do in a situation where people have to depend on each other for their very survival from moment to moment, is to admit that they are unreliable.  Carol makes it a point to admit to Daryl that she is a burden.   So she owns up to this fact.  Logically speaking if you want to survive in a situation like this you get rid of the dead weight, Daryl doesn’t but he also lets her know that she is getting on his nerves with the snapped “What do you want?” The next time the SHTF, is Daryl or any one of the group going to go out of their way to save a self-proclaimed burden?

Lucky moment #10-Rick didn’t just send her packing (Along with the rest of the ingrates)

Democracy is dead.  All hail the Ricktatorship (backed by the Darylocracy).  Fair warning to Carol and anyone else, shape up or ship out.  No more discussion.  I sincerely hope that they now let Carol be responsible for Carol and all stop carrying her.  It’s past time; if she can’t fight for her own life, she doesn’t deserve to have anyone else risk their own on her behalf.

Carol has had too many chances Lady Luck, just step back and let nature take it’s course.

Even the bad ass can have a bad day

I know Daryl Dixon is the resident bad ass of our merry little band of survivors.  Killing walkers is like a Sunday stroll through the park for Double D; but as great as he is, he is not invincible.

We have seen Daryl take walkers down with minimum fuss in a variety of ways.  Hunting knife, tree branches, crossbow.  We’ve even seen him pull an arrow out of his own side to use on a walker, so he’s tough.  To use his own phrase “Feed him a hammer and he’ll crap out nails.”  Doesn’t change the fact that anyone can have an off day, even Daryl Dixon.

As a matter of fact we’ve already seen him have an off moment with the Randall Walker.  Daryl is still here thanks to Glenn.  It’s Glenn who stepped in and put Randall down.  So even the mighty Daryl Dixon needs help now and then.

This is one thing this group of survivors need to all understand.  Even the toughest member of the group is going to have his hands full or just plain need help.  They can’t depend on Daryl to always play the savior, they have to be able to be their own savior first, and when needed know that the others (not just Daryl, but everyone in the group) will have their back.

The time for easing into it is way past over, it’s way past time to deal with reality.  Everyone has to stand on their own and fight together side by side.  No one gets to sit on the sidelines being ‘fragile’ while other people fight their battles for them.  I think it’s time Rick and Daryl switch to the Lt Rasczak (Starship Troopers) method of command:

I only have one rule. Everyone fights. No one quits. You don’t do your job, I’ll shoot you myself. You get me?

That would take care of any ‘burdens’ and make the group stronger when they are attacked.  And everyone in that group will be be able to trust in the fact that everyone is fighting for their survival together.  No one is sitting back slacking.  The last thing they need is a weak link hanging around to get them killed.