They’re back!

Well fans of two shows will be happy next as both Drag U and Falling Skies return.

Drag U is back for Season 3.  Which means more RuPaul as he and his Queens teach biological women  how to be fierce Drag Queens.  Season 3 premieres On Monday June 18th.

Falling Skies which pretty much lost me by just totally hiding under rock after their season premiere returns on Sunday June 17th.  Whether or not enough people are interested in it now to warrant a third season remains to be seen.  TNT has been very sloppy in keeping the show in the viewers minds unlike The Walking Dead which has viewers (Including me) salivating at the thought of it’s return in October.  For that you can thank AMC,the producers and stars of the series They haven’t let us forget, maybe because it seems like they are drooling at the thought as much as the fans!

Okay I won’t bash Falling Skies anymore and I will tune it to the premiere what happens from there I just don’t know. 



Falling what? TNT you blew it!

The Walking Dead

Okay I am a die-hard Walking Dead fan…now.  I was not always a fan of the show I was a fan of another show with a similar storyline, Falling Skies.  Both shows revolve around a group of survivors in a post apocalyptic world.  Both shows are dramas dealing more with the characters than the monsters which are pretty much just ‘props’.  Both shows created a lot of buzz when they premiered but The Walking Dead has succeeded in keeping the buzz going.  Falling Skies has fallen flat.  AMC has kept The Walking Dead in the minds of it’s fans, TNT seems to have forgotten Fallen Skies ever had fans.

Falling Skies

Some people would say it’s not fair to compare the two, but the comparison was inevitable.  The basic plots are exactly the same, let’s do a show about how people survive when the world has gone to hell in a handbasket.  Zombies overrunning the world-hell.  Aliens invading and overrunning the world-hell.  The difference between the two is a bit more savvy on the part of AMC in both marketing and casting.  Both shows had a lot of build up before they premiered and both shows have talented casts.

Falling Skies pretty much ran it’s first season and said we’ll see you in the summer of 2012 and then…the sound of crickets on a warm summer night.  Nothing. Where is everyone?   Where are the teasers to keep us salivating after that great cliffhanger?

The Walking Dead premiered it’s second season opener, ran 7 episodes and said we’ll see you after the holidays.  Then on New Year’s Eve they said hey just in case you missed something, we’re airing the whole series for you to catch up just in time for February when the rest of the season airs.  AMC has kept the Walking Dead in our minds so we don’t forget.

AMC was smart enough to go after a name for their show.  I know, millions of fans instantly recognized Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints.  Well millions of fans instantly recognized Noah Wylie from ER.  The difference is that Norman Reedus doesn’t seem to mind shamelessly plugging his show.

Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus

Noah Wylie?  Well I guess if you turn over enough rocks you’ll find him.  TNT should have been smart enough to bring in a name  to counter the new fans Reedus brought to the show. I would remind TNT that Murphy MacManus was a twin, but I don’t think going after Sean Patrick Flanery at this late date would help anything.  It would be strictly a desperation move and everyone would know it.  And there’s enough ‘sibling rivalry’ between the MacManus brothers already.

The Walking Dead is also secured for a third season.  AMC is doing things  right  and it shows.  Maybe I will be proven wrong but I think that the axe is already hovering over Falling Skies.  Like a lot of people I have lost interest because TNT didn’t give me any reason to stay interested.