Alright TWD fnas, it’s been a while

I know I have been having Walking Dead withdrawals and October is a long way off, but take heart!  The cast is back in Georgia on set.  So they’re working on it but in the meantime if you need a TWD fix, check out this video of excertts for the TWD Discussion Panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend.


The Conspirator

I’m a bit of a history buff so this movie was on my to watch list.  Okay yes Norman Reedus is in it too.  Yesterday I noticed that it was on Netflix so I got my chance to watch it.

It is based on a historical incident, the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, and it looks like it stayed pretty close to what actually happened.  The plot actually focuses on Mary Surratt, the first woman hanged by the Federal Government.  The Actual conspiracy is more in the background.

If you know your history, Mary Surratt owned a boarding house in which the Lincoln assassination was hatched by by John Wilkes Booth and his co-conspirators, including Mary’s son John.  Mary along with several others who may or may not have been guilty and one that was definitely guilty; was arrested, tried and convicted by a military tribunal.   Three other conspirators were hanged along with Surratt.

The movie focuses on the actions of the Federal government in conducting what was basically a kangaroo court, culminating in the hangings.  We know from history that Booth is clearly guilty of assassinating the President, he did it in a crowded theater.  We also know that Louis Payne is guilty of attempted assassination in the case of Secretary of State William Sewell, he attacked Sewell in his home with several witnesses present.  The guilt of the others may not be  so clear.

Questionable witnesses, denial of a trial by a jury of their peers and government tampering with the panel judging the conspirators show the lengths the government will go to.  There is clear crossing of constitutional boundaries including the meddling of President Andrew Johnson in vacating a writ that would have saved Mary from the gallows and granted her a new trial in a civilian court.

While waiting for the return of TWD…

Since I can’t get a fix of the Walking Dead I have been watching some other movies starring some of the cast members.  It’s giving me more of an appreciation of them.  These are some of the better ones from my point of view.

  • Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh)-Day Zero
  • Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale Horvath)- The Hitcher 1986 version, The Green Mile.
  • Laurie Holden (Andrea)-The Mist
  • Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) The Bone Collector, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Rosewood
  • Scott Wilson (Hershel)-Pearl Harbor, Young Guns II
  • Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) I’ll avoid the obvious BDS and Blade II– The Bad Seed, Tough Luck





It must be true, it’s on the internet!

Okay Boondock Saints/Walking Dead Fans time to go into a full blown panic, our favorite Irish Redneck, Norman Reedus is missing!  I just saw this developing story this morning on Twitter so you know it has to be true, it’s on the internet!

Stop laughing Norman, this is serious!...Not!

Seems Norman and Daryl Dixon have something in common, both of them like to go off alone and sulk, at least according to the ‘unnamed source’.   Daryl wanders off to the other side of Hershel’s property but Norman has to outdo Daryl, he wanders off into the jungles of Africa.


Excuse me for a moment, unplanned outbreak of the giggles happening here.  You see it seems that this news site knows Norman is missing but no one bothered to tell him that he was missing.  Norman thinks he is in Australia at a convention he’s been tweeting about to us right now! Good thing he has the internet to tell him better!


It’s really sad when you have to find out that you are lost in a jungle somewhere in Africa from the internet.

Thanks for tweeting us and letting us know you're missing!


















Everything you see on the internet is not true so don’t treat everything like it’s gospel.  Norman is not missing, no matter what Mr. Unnamed Source says.  He’s probably having a good laugh right now, just like I am.

By the way @wwwbigbaldhead is his verified Twitter account.  Feel free to follow him there and I’m sure if he ever really gets lost, he’ll tweet us.

I admit it I have a soft spot for the ‘tragic’ hero

Some of you may remember a show on SciFi Channel a few years ago called Lexx.  I absolutely loved that show and had a real soft spot for the character of Kai played by Michael McManus.  Talk about broken, the poor guy was dead, and had spent 2000 years as a mindless slave of the Divine Order.  He was a weapon of Destruction a Divine Assassin who killed on the orders of His Divine Shadow until Kai regained his memory.  Once he got his memory back he regained his free will and instead became a ‘hero’.

Regaining his memory and free will did not make things right for him, he was still dead, he was still a Divine Assassin and he was an emotional  cripple.  He never hesitated to say “The dead do not feel.”  It had to be tough because he could recognize emotions in others and probably on some level had emotional responses himself but was just unable to deal with the emotions within himself.

Needlessly to say he was wildly popular with female fans, Michael is very easy on the eyes (even while wearing a beehive that would make the girls from the B-52s envious).  But what I found appealing  was always that ‘broken’ part of Kai.  The way Michael played the role just made you want to fix it.  He was a hero without ever trying to be the hero.

And now there’s another tragic ‘hero’ gracing my television screen each week, Daryl Dixon.  Daryl is quite alive (and hopefully he will stay that way for a long time).   But he is just as emotionally stunted as Kai but for different reasons.

Daryl could be a very easy character to hate.  A bad tempered redneck riding around on a Nazi motorcyle? What’s not to hate about someone like that? But you don’t hate him.  That’s a testament to the way the role is handled by Norman Reedus.  Even though you intellectually think you should hate Daryl, there’s this human quality that shows through even when Daryl is at his worst.


Both Kai and Daryl are in some way ‘broken’ but they don’t dwell on it.   They are both in their own way ‘heroes’ but more of the quiet type of hero.  They aren’t Superman out saving the world in the bright red cape, they are more like Batman hiding behind the mask.

So what is it about these characters that resonate with me?  I don’t know maybe they spark my maternal instinct, I can be very ‘mothering’ at times.  Maybe it’s just a ‘typical’ female instinct to nurture.  But whatever it is, these are two characters that have to power to get fans (female especially) to emotionally invest in them.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder

Ric Ocasek-Double-bagger!

I came across a slideshow on my local news website entitled “20 Butt-Ugly Rock Stars”  and while I do agree with the assessment in most of the cases (at least physically), their point was that all of these guys have a beautiful woman on their arm.  I think they have forgotten that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Physical attractiveness seems to be the basis of their choices and if we are being honest, that is usually the first thing we look at.  Yes guys, we girls look too!  Every one of us has at sometime looked at someone and thought they were the most attractive thing God ever created, the catch is that your friend standing right next to you will look at them and think ‘average’ or even ‘ugly’.  It’s personal taste.

Brad Pitt-Just Average

Women all over the place swoon over Brad Pitt, but I have never found anything the least bit attractive about him physically, he is just average in my eyes.   I just don’t understand what the fascination is with his ‘looks’, he’s  not my idea of an attractive man. Yes I’ll take one Norman Reedus type over dozens of Brad Pitts any day if we are just talking physically attractive.

Norman Reedus-Smokin hot!

But physical attraction by itself is not enough.  I know that I have gone out on dates with gorgeous guys and before the date is over, all I wanted was to get as far away from the jackass as possible.  Once he opened his mouth or I spent any amount of time in his company, he transformed into the most hideous creature imaginable because what was under that Norman exterior turned out  to be a Ric Ocasek interior.  I have also gone out with much less attractive guys and found that the looks really didn’t matter, inside they were truly beautiful.

The point is that for someone else, the beast may actually be the beauty after all.