All Hail the Queen Sharon Needles wins!

So Monday night a new queen was crowned,  we met a new faculty member of of DragU and we know what Willam did.

Willam, the rumors were flying hard and heavy on what you did.  Everything from drug use to who knows what and in the end it was something that we really can’t get mad about or gossip about.  You were bumping uglies with your husband.  I ain’t mad at you girl, you’re hubby is your hubby.  I must say that as much as your arrogance and name dropping annoyed me, inthe end I would much rather have had you make it to the top 3 than the habitual liar Phi Phi O’Hara.  Who continued to spew that crap about her father and how bad he treats her when all anyone has to do is look at her MySpace page to see How Miss Phi Phi brags onthe fact that her father supports her in everything she does.   You may have been an annoying name dropper but you never lied and you never deliberately threw a friend under the bus like Phi Phi.

Latrice Motherfucking Royale, you represented for the big girls.  Making it all the way to the top 4.  But you left your mark when you left.  It was a given that the fans who had grown to admire your courage, strength and honesty would vote for you as Miss Congeniality.  You have been a great role model and an inspiration.  Your willingness to talk about being in prison, and to show that there is life after prison  is a sign of hope for anyone who has been there.  And yes I am looking forward to seeing more of you as you join the faculty of DragU.

Chad Michaels, we all know that you are a professional and you showed us what professionalism is.  You would have been an acceptable champion that would have worn the crown with class but it was not to be.  Sharon Needles, spooky Scary Sharon won.

I liked Sharon from day one when she strolled the runaway all dressed up as a zombie and drooling fake blood down her chin.  Drag is the illusion of being female and not all women are glamorous beauty queens.  Not all women dress up looking like they stepped out of a Vera Wang ad.   Sharon you represent something different.  A new face of drag.  And that what this competition should be about, seeing All the many facets of drag and not just showgirls and beauty queens.  Congratulations, Sharon Needles.  All Hail the Queen


All WIll be revealed!

Who won Ru Paul’s Drag Race?

What did Willam do?

Tune in Monday Night 9pm Eastern to RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion show to get the answers!  And don’t for get that Ru asked us to help her pick the deserving winner of Season 4! Tweet to #Drag Race or Post on Drag Race’s Facebook page to let Ru know your choice to wear the crown;  Sharon Needles (Yes!), Chad Michaels (acceptable) Or Phi Phi O’Hara (Should have sashayed away a long time ago!)

Who will be the next drag superstar? It’s up to us!

First an apology, I was out of town and offline for a long weekend at a convention for my business.  But I’m back and Just in time for the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I was on pins and needles waiting to find out who would take over for Raja as this year’s winner, and then I got left with a cliffhanger!  No winner was announced, we will find out on the reunion show.  And Ru has asked for our help in choosing that winner.

So it’s down to Phi Phi, Sharon and Chad.  I’ll Say right now Phi Phi definitely does NOT deserve to win.  Her attitude stinks and I find it amazing that with all the garbage she has put out there about her father, She has a mySpace page in which she says how supportive her parents, including her father, are about everything she does.  That has been a constant pity point for Phi Phi.  I don’t believe someone who has said they will do anything to win and then trashes their father on national television is deserving of a place in the top three, never mind the crown.

Chad Michaels has been polished throughout the competition.  I know Michelle has been riding her for it but as Chad has said, he is always Chad.  Chad has shown nothing but professionalism and class from the beginning.  The Snatch Game episode is a perfect testament to Chad’s professionalism.  When the queens in the bottom row turned the show into a juvenile, vulgar high school locker room free for all, Chad maintained her composure.   That really demonstrated the gap between Chad and the others.  Chad would represent Ru’s name with class and style.  She would be an acceptable winner in my eyes, but…

This competition is to crown the next Drag Superstar.  The key word there is ‘next’.  That says new, fresh something that we haven’t been seeing in drag for the past 20 years.  The only one that brings the new and fresh element is Sharon Needles.  Sharon is spooky, she caught my attention from episode one.  I know a lot of people may have done exactly what Phi Phi did, put her in a little box thinking that all Sharon could do was a spooky goth look.  She proved everyone wrong.   Sharon is the only queen who has really brought a variety of looks to the main stage.

So as I said Ru has asked us to let her know who should win.  You can voice your opinion by going to the RuPaul’s Drag Race Facebook page or tweet #Drag Race.  Let Ru know how you feel and tune in to the reunion show on April 30th on Logo TV!


So it’s down to the final three

One week away from finding out who will be the Next Drag Superstar.  Only three Queens remain, and one really has no business being there.

Phi Phi O’Hara really should not be anywhere near the final three.  I know she has here supporters but Phi Phi also has a ruthless attitude that is very unbecoming.  I won’r even got into the fact that she is a ‘tired ass showgirl’.  Phi Phi doesn’t bring anything fresh to the table, we’ve seen it all before.  And she’s definitely not polished.  If her look was innovative or new I could forgive her rough edges when it comes to her look.  She needs to be sent packing before the lip-sync.

Chad Michaels is very polished.  I think that this was the reason the judges always complained about her ‘look’.  When you can’t find anything else to bitch about, make something up like ‘you’re too polished’.  Chad is a professional Cher impersonator and probably the most believable one I have ever seen.  Chad isn’t new, but her professionalism an dedication to what she does should earn her a place in the final lip sync.

Finally my pick to win, Sharon Needles.  The title is “next drag superstar” that means the winner should be bringing something fresh to the table and Sharon does.  She has always stood out from the other queens.  But the biggest point in her favor is the fact that she is versatile.  She can put together completely different looks and make them work.

So I would love to see it come down to Sharon and Chad in the final lip sync.  They are the most deserving of the crown and I think would be role models that Ru could be proud to have her name connected with.  And unlike Phi Phi would got busted out yesterday for her whole My father doesn’t support me spiel (Check her MySpace page where she says how blessed she is and how her father supports her in everyway) Both Sharon and Chad have shown integrity throughout the competition.

Bye Boo! Latrice sashayed away

Okay Sharon Needles blew it out of the water.  I want those furry boots, but Chad Michaels in the bottom two?  She had a Chinese Crested dog for crying out loud and I thought the point was to create a look inspired by the breed of dog.  Have any of those judges ever taken a close look at a Chinese Crested?  Chad’s look screamed Chinese Crested!

I really did not get anything Bloodhound from Phi Phi’s outfit, or was it was because she was in shades of brown?  Brown by itself doesn’t say bloodhound hound.   Phi Phi needed a lot more work to represent her dog.  Or was it because she came out there with a pink glittered pooper scooper looking like a skinny Jiggly?

I would love to complain about Latrice getting sent home but I knew when she fell into the bottom two it was over.  With Winona Judd on the panel we knew it would be a country song.  Latrice has the soul vibe but that wasn’t going to fly with country.  Although had the correct two been in the bottom (Phi Phi) Latrice would have had a chance.


Now that I’ve had a bit of time…

RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of my favorite shows and each season I have watched it religiously.  Each season I have to give it a few weeks before I can settle on my picks.  I have to get a feel for the ladies and who they are.  So I’m finally settled on who I want to see in the final three.

Latrice Royale

It’s about time a big girl do something more than just show up on the show as a  token to prove ‘we don’t discriminate against big girls’.  It’s time for one to show up as a true contender.  Latrice is funny, smart and she is a professional.  I was just as disgusted by the shenanigans on last night’s Snatch Game episode as Latrice was.  The entire bottom row with the exception of Chad Michaels were an embarrassment.   If you want to give the illusion of being female, act like ladies and not a bunch of vulgar jocks in the locker room.

Chad Michaels

Out of all the celebrity impersonations I have seen on Snatch Game, Chad’s Cher was the most realistic I have ever seen and I loved that we got more than one version of Cher!  I also have to applaud Chad for keeping his cool and staying in character while everyone else on the front row acted like toddlers at recess.  I know that a lot of people would say that Chad doing Cher was safe since he is a Cher impersonator, but there are a lot of impersonators out there that will never be able to so perfectly mimic someone like Chad did.  Not just the make up and the look but the mannerisms and body language.

Sharon Needles

Sharon is still scary but she stands out from the pack.  That is the very same thing that caught my attention with Raja, last season’s winner.  Raja stood out.  While everyone else was trying to do the pageant beautiful drag, Raja did his/her own thing and brought a new feel to the runway.  Sharon has that same quality.  She’s a bit dark in her drag but it is fresh and the next anything should always be fresh and bring something new to the table.  And I have to say impersonating someone who is about to judge you for your drag takes guts.  You did it successfully with Michelle Visage.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a search for America’s next Drag Superstar not America’s same old boring drag queen.  Latrice and Sharon would both qualify as fresh and new.  Sharon’s goth undercurrent or Latrice’s big bold and confident attitude would both be something new.

Now for two who cannot sashay away fast enough for me, Willam and PhiPhi.  PhiPhi is simply another boring pagent queen and Willam do you really think anyone bought your little academy award acting job last night?  I’ll be glad to see the last of both of you.