Iron chef actually means something now

I am an Iron Chef Fan and have been since the original Japanese version first showed up on the Food Network.  I loved the premise and hey we were presented with Iron Chefs.  Not much to do about that but  the understanding was that these chefs were the top chefs in their style of cooking.

Iron Chef America

Then we got our own Iron Chef America with our own iron chefs and that got me to thinking what exactly is the criteria to be an Iron Chef?  I could accept a couple of our Iron Chefs without question.  Iron Chef Morimoto is one of the original Japanese Iron Chefs and Bobby Flay made more than one appearance as a challenger on the original show.  I would give both of them a bye for that, but what exactly made Mario Batelli or Cat Cora an Iron Chef, someone in a boardroom just saying it?

Well now as we can see Iron Chef has become something that you earn.  I can’t argue with Michael Symon, Marc Forgione or Jose Garces being called an Iron Chef because all three of them earned it.  They competed against some of the best chefs out there to gain that tile and fully deserve it.  Tonight another chef will earn the right to be called an Iron Chef.  And when they do they will have earned it.

Geoffrey Zakarian, my odds on favorite to be the Next Iron Chef

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